Blessings upon blessings to you ALL now and always

Today, this caravan of reflections wants to express its gratitude to those parts of this being which cross the curved and tortuous paths and elicit this symphony.
The first part:
The moment, at the age of eight or nine, when this physique had found itself weaker than the frame of a bird.
The second part:
The moment when ‘the mind’ turned so weak at the sight of unhappy moments of every other person that it fell into a deep abyss. That fall was in fact an invitation in the present direction.
The third part:
The moment when my intellect burnt with indignation, but never allowed me to take a wrong step.
The fourth part:
Those moments that made me gifts of shameless, nasty, and obscene allegations, but my ‘heart’ desisted from any reaction.
The fifth part:
The moment when my ‘mind’ took a step towards suicide.
The sixth part:
The moment when my ego got a slight touch of a ‘new’ Life and I pampered myself with the thought that I had become ‘blessed’.
At every moment, I had found every part of this ‘being’ only weak and feeble. Then out of the caravan of the present day reflections, a thought emerges and inquires:
Then who is powerful and strong?

Whatever be the depth of these thoughts and reflections, I am now in a position to assert