If we've gone through states of consciousness, is to be sensible, laugh at our-selves for how foolish we were

I was traveling on Hwy 405 and glanced at fellow traveller which moistened my eyes and I send him eternal love to spirit.This incident reminded me of the present moment that what I am : child or completely fool.But deep realization is nothing but love.

I gaze at every being that how the abilities and disabilities form every beings character. then thats make me ask my being what is forming my character. But my silly being could not find in any form and shape this character within my being.I always found love and truth within this silly being in this physical attire.

Was there no form of character in my physical being?

Then what is character?
Does the character define success or joy?
Then if I can not define character of my being then why am I so serene within my being.
Today, my love defines to my being that you being non-character is your character. because being non-character gives infinite and deep shape to our being.
After absorbing love's definition the character smiled.and fooled being turned this smile into deep laughter.This deep laughter and moist eyes of my being asked for a hug from stranger in the Mall, and the inner loud voice said,
"Love you to the Whole Creation"