May Your Life Be Wonder- filled... Blessings!

Any topic of life whether Religion, devotion, knowledge or science, anything
— all these are the mile-stones on the life track followed by the individual. 
They come into life, go on a journey, then depart. 
Now What is my path and who is my guru? 
My path is love--happiness and all being myself. 
My guru is: 
= flying bird became the symbol of my freedom 
= flowing river became symbol of my life 

= Telephone or television's invention drew me to experience telepathy. 
= and the whole universe made me an artist, creative to play with art 
and appreciate my being. 
This whole universe is an artist, so artist will produce artist. 
Since my childhood I viewed every being as an artist. 
For instance: 
My mother was an artist of ignorance. 

My father was symbol of simplicity. 
So I view everybody good and evil as artistic. 
So everybody and everything is my guru and above all my thinking is my guru. 
so this is why I wrote: 
knowledge = proof of serene life 

and experience= living the truth. 
experience is knowledge