Ruler is one who rules own-self

My Body is My Being's Sanctuary

As of 2:30am this morning, I realized why my being rejected Darshi (husband)
My being was aware that it does not need to adorn itself with jewels and artificial ornaments. My stubbornness always overwhelmed my being. my stubbornness also protected my being from artificial imitated rules.I was aware that my being is totally loved by myself, any physical ailments could not be tolerated by Shaheer. I always prayed to my body for my physical wellness to my being;''Oh My Beautiful Body, I am not aware what I should do for you, because I am unknown and unaware of this entity. Just forgive my wrong doings. Just keep well and take care of it, because Shaheer is stupid or careless person, she does not know anything, please forgive my mistakes; because my desire and my wish is that you stay healthy and well all the time."Although I live with Darshi at this moment, but we were separated at one point in time, we are best buddies and never quarrel. but the separation still took place, why..?There are many reasons behind it and one of them was I could not tolerate human being who does not appreciate the world as one family that comes from one source, and does not realized the higher being or prayer to the higher being. Although He is well liked and appreciated every relative and friend.But my being did not accept such a male who did not fragrance Love for God.Shaheer who worshipped the body as sanctuary began to guard the physical being with relations.Shaheer made a decision and took steps towards getting Darshi's marriage, which was 17 years ago.This physical being of mine is lit like a christmas tree at this moment, which gives me great pleasure as it is totally well and healthy