The 'I' doesn't exist without labeling 'I'

 I saw:-
the footfalls of Time gently merged into my stillness and a faint, light tune of a smile left in the atmosphere its echo. For twenty days this smile kept my lips under its control. 

As I woke up from sleep, this smile chased me;
 I noticed the vast expansion of the Supreme Power.
 How IT adorns ITs part, bestows upon it hon-our and glory; 
while the part chants ITs Name eating 
and drinking, rising and waking from sleep. 
This unique reunion can be had only after crossing silence,
 where only depth listens to depth. 
without any medium— 
an encampment an encampment 
which in the open sky looks like clouds passing through the air, 
crossing a mysterious, strange time— 
an existence which is only a wayfarer—

but becomes a destination.