There is no such thing as spiritual achievement; it is simply an awareness intrinsic to all of life

7 years ago, during a visit to India, China Airline from Taipai to Delhi:
AMAZING LIFE With Unique Experience, Wonderful Dimension, Beautiful Realization about CREATION, as the night’s sky came alive with Electricity. Incredible night sky glowing in lightening Storm, a Scary huge thunder and lightning storm in the SKY, WOW! the loud sound of thunder.

The sky came alive with electricity during a thunder and lightning storm. And after few hours, storm was gone or all sky filled with Rainbow.
    Then started AHA MOMENTS
Then 2nd one:
My surprise there was some rain drops falling on the window as well, the drops forming a perfect circle on the mirror of window. The atmosphere it created was absolutely unique, as if the ancient Gods had returned, so yes, I can see how that kind of environment can lead to an awakening…

Rain, Drops Window, Forming,
I experienced myself as something completely indescribable, utterly beyond form. This was what the Heart Sutra refers to as “Emptiness is Form, Form is Emptiness