Destination is only Received by Journey # 1

Episode 2

What’s True?

Shaheer Sehyogi

My fellow wayfarers,
The height, as well as the depth of life, is vast and infinite. This book has knocked at your door, in the exact way it did in my life. I would like to acquaint you with the deep accounts given in this book.
When we sit out on our worldly journey, we make arrangements according to our intellect; however, when an individual becomes the wayfarer of the unknown path, then events do not occur according to our intellectual anticipations. Rather, they occur based on our rhythm in the unknown path, which lies beyond our limited intellect. For this unknown rhythm, is the unity of the universe and is beyond the range of our intellectual comprehension.
   In these seven books, on many turns, you will not find a link or coordination. Do not be impatient, for the happening is beyond the range of the intellect and can be comprehended only by crossing the limits of the intellect. If, on making use of my own mind and intellect, I had established the right type of rhythm, their reality and my limited intellect, also, would have been lost in artificiality. These books are not meant to make any earnings or fame; they are echoes of my well-satiated and happy moments and are the main symbols to acquaint you with a happy, calm, and contented life.
  So when you do not find your adjustment with any tune or rhythm, study it twice or thrice and then go to sleep. Your life automatically will find that tune and rhythm which lies in it and which is the message of our corporate life. However mutually excluded we might be, the height as well as the depth of life is the same, and separating the right from the wrong makes us beautiful and pleasing.

The Recognition of ‘Why’
Comrades, I am ‘why’. Why was this name given to me? Only the one who gave it can tell. I have only come to introduce myself to you.
My particulars are quite brief. I am the fellow traveler of all humankind. Whenever someone calls me, I approach them. In fact, I have no name, but a recognition, a consciousness, which:
Sometimes under the garb of experience
Sometimes emitting the fragrance of feelings
Sometimes tinge in feelings and sensibilities
I wish to beautify your journey of life. To relate Shaheer’s journey, I have adopted this appellation—Trust. Only Trust can dedicate its all to the future. Therefore, I am no longer ‘why’ but Trust. 
Thank you.


Friends, it is a very critical question as to why I called Trust ‘why’.
From very early in life whenever I am called upon to encounter some sudden accident, some individual, or some situation, I feel an energy enter my being. It is not a vague or dim shadow that can be avoided. It is always so strong that it leaves an interrogative mark on my being.
If I brood over the matter and think as to whether it is intellect, I readily dismiss this view of thinking since if it is intellect, I must amply succeed in my efforts, and never fail.
If I ever think that it might be knowledge, then again I would make a retort. “Oh, if it is knowledge, am I the sole deserver of knowledge? Are all others undeserving? Moreover, why will this consciousness have a feeling of self-abasement and lack of energy? My thoughts—never so deep—and this ‘energy’ under the appellation ‘why’ accompany me in my spiritual quest.
If anything good takes place, I would ask, “Why?”
If it is bad, again the same question, “Why?”
I thought, “Well, why?”
I find security, “Why?”
The train of my life keeps running along the rail of why, and on this account I give this energy the name of ‘why’.
Today, in this journey of my life, this ‘why’ has appeared in its own name, and today, this ‘why’ has ended itself after fully introducing it self.