Destination is only Received by Journey # 12

Universe In Motion

Today, my being, quite fresh, relaxes. I feel as though some rhythmic sensations are gently impelling my physique to dance.
In these Beautiful moments, impelled by the desire for a stroll, I reach the playground. In that calm atmosphere, birds of various kinds are engaged in foraging activities. The Sun has adorned the Clouds by lending them a faint hue.
Dewdrops seem to be the drops of new feelings and passions. Suddenly—my watching eyes shift their gaze from the Clouds to the birds who are quarreling with one another over a crumb of bread. My feet stop automatically. This wrangling of the birds is the morning’s gift for me.
The birds’ quarrel is, in fact, our own quarrel; for these very birds form our human background, while Nanak, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Kabir, Farid, and Jesus determine our future! Why?
Well, at the sight of this weeping frame, my ‘ego’ (extremely subtle) looks very happy today.
I see the piece of bread drop from a bird’s beak and the bird flies and perches on a big building. The other birds come down to the Earth to pick up that crumb. I feel relaxed along with that bird.
I have hardly taken a few steps, when I see a sparrow flying straight from the North to the South and a crow coming from the East. The crow hit the sparrow with his beak. After that, eight more crows come flying in. As I am watching, they fatigue the sparrow.
Her plight is pitiable. I begin to exhort and instruct her. Suddenly I pause—“what am I doing?” Then there comes a prayer. After that, I didn’t watch the scene.
The crows’ quarreled over a piece of bread—then their teasing of the sparrow—it gives my mind a mooring towards my inner ‘self’. Then I remember Guru Gobind*, and I welcome him with tears during these moments.
Even now, we make use of some metaphors to suggest something. For example, “Why are you making a crow-like hubbub?” “See, how he is barking like a dog!” “Look at my lion-like son!” “My daughter is meek like a cow!” “Look at his bull-like massiveness!” “See how he eats like a pig!” “She has the voice of a crow, the gait of a doe!” “Look at that stark-like fellow!” “Why are you hiding like a mouse?” and so on.
They always compare a man to a bird or a beast; a deep reflection will discover some analogy.
We enter into disputes with our fellow people over land or property, superiority or other wise of rank, for the sake of money; we attack one another over religious differences, caste-distinctions, national difference, etc.
Yes, our constitutions differ, but our other differences are minor. We call them birds and ourselves ‘humans’, words make no difference.
Today, these birds became preceptors for this being.
They bring into relief this deep kinship of Life so Beautifully and lend further charm to the whole environment. Then a flood of prayer gushes forth from this being and begins to sweep away, even the earthquakes lurking in the innermost recesses of my being.
Will this being flow away like a crystal-clear waterfall?
Will this being get the fresh vitality and charm like a new leaf?
Will I get the fragrance of flowers?
Will I fly like a bird?
Will I make a tour of this beautiful and embellished world?
Whether we take the case of birds and beasts or of human beings, though the strings of their existence are different, they produce the same tune. Good God! A mere glimpse of the consciousness of this unbreakable link highly blesses me. Then there is no cause for any mutual bickering, no need for any scope for any self-pride.
What is the worth of this whole world?
It provides this body room to stay on, but not for our sensations and feelings.
What is the duration of this body on the Earth? Merely sixty or seventy years. Our sensibilities go on running from one Life to another and carry on this journey of Life!
We are in search of Life, rather a happy life, but we come by Death instead of Life. Only the swing remains ready in order, but the swingers lose themselves in the lap of movements! Worldly affairs cover the drawbacks of the mind, but they cannot give us satiety.
Only today, I realize the nature of true satiety.
When the subtle part of the being comes into motion, we come by satiety; the whole Universe is in motion.