Destination is only Received by Journey # 4

New view for Religion and Science

Whatever I am getting is automatically dwindling. There is no trace of any contentment, only the constant craving for more. Still, more comes in an overwhelming proportion; a frown appears on the face and makes a sound. What is the matter? What is different?
On the worldly plane, there is a constant craving for material goods and on the mental plane, there is the temptation of feelings and passions.
What is different? Demand is constantly made, a pause is likely, but it is driven out by the inner exhortation.
Then a slight chord of reflections transports me into the past.
I call upon those moments when in quest of a moment of Love my existence was besieged with disappointment on all sides; my discontent watches the neglect and cold indifference of everybody. All were moving along their respective paths in Life but none betrayed any consciousness of Love, peace, and happiness. Then how could showers of Love fall upon my desert-like existence?
Even at that time, I was led astray by the temptation of Love, rather self-Love. This greed kept my existence empty. This stupid being cannot realize that temptation is always temptation, though it may take any form.
On the roof-edge of this ruined being, only greed temptation kept rising its ‘caw-caw’. When this temptation built its nest, my being was unaware of it. This temptation made this body nourish the delusion that had donned it in a Beautiful garb, and thus, took it almost in its possession.
But today, when this being has taken just a slight curve, the Beautiful and the ugly aspects of this temptation cannot hide themselves.
In the far off valleys, my ‘ego’ (extremely subtle) is staring at me. The tearful sockets of my eyes turn towards it with much fondness; at times dedicating big heaps of gratitude, and at other times, affection and Love.
These are much crowded moments, in which all Love and devotion offers me are handfuls of detachment. Today, the breeze murmurs through the luscious green verdure and the fragrant garden breeze, making this physical being of mine aware of new temptations.
Have I found the mental charms within the four walls of the society?
No. I have neither found any beauty or charm nor got the desert of my being vegetated. True Beauty always originates from within, and this interior is not part of society but one’s own self. The moments of today make me conscious of this very secret and thereby, expel all misgivings from my mind. Then I find the tracks of real Life, which lay hidden behind the haze of temptation.
The embrace of the temptations, awakened by this new direction, feels pleasant and agreeable
The glimpse that I am catching
The cool shade that I am enjoying
The Quietude that has entered my being
The melody that is making me dance to its tune
Today, all these experiences take me toward the temple. I was always fond of holy, religious places, but today I get the chance to enjoy its ‘amour’.
It might be Haridwar or Harimandir,
Rishi Kesh or Mansa Devi,
Pointa Sahib or Mani Karan,
 I come across nothing, find nothing. Whatever I find or receive is obtained from the personal existence of mine, the glimpse of Bliss, the thick fold of Peace and Quietude!
I recall reading the Gurbani, the Gita, which mentions the connotative, and non-connotative nature of God. Today, I feel my stature surpassing the whole world in largeness and the Love for the aforementioned holy place, flies away in a moment.
This self of mine gets enamoured of these sights which are donned in their respective splendours, just as: mountain summits, beautiful ravines, flowing streams, falling cataracts, mango/pomegranate orchids, jasmine gardens, and flocking of birds in flight. All these countless spectacles spread their multifaceted charms on the path of Life and thereby makes one enamour of Nature.
Today, I feel the worth and significance of these flowers and fruits, much greater than my own worth; rather I find myself equal to zero in comparison with this heart-ravishing spectacle. Then I question myself:
What are you proud of? You are not worth a dime; you strut about like a peacock! Why? Because you are ‘Shaheer’ (your individual self), the sole object of worth! A lump of flesh! Just look at the beauty of that flower and the juice of that fruit, which today fill your Life with Beauty and charm. What are you? A broken, disintegrating, decaying corpse! Now, weeping in tears of regret, will not do. It is your greed or temptation that turns you into the mature, forty two years old, but they remain as youthful as ever.
Today, this basket, filled with sensibilities to the brim, makes this old tree of forty-two, fragrant in a moment with new, sprouting buds. These new buds then turn into fresh leaves and begin to beautify this tree, this forty-two year old frame with their presence.
Today, in the atmosphere of this physical existence, falls the fine shower of stillness with the murmur of a tranquil sob after penetrating the swarm of the Clouds of sensibilities.
What will I say? Indeed, what can I say? Only that these new tracks, these new spectacles daily come to renew me. When the skeins of this newness unravel themselves, they untangle this tangled existence. Then not the heart alone, but my whole being, resorts to a singsong in tune with their beat.