Destination is only Received by Journey # 20


As I read the word cooperation or merely see it, the clarinets of thanks and giving begin to play in the courtyard of my being.
But to whom should I convey my gratitude? Should I be grateful to every moment or every particle?
In my life, every object and every individual has a special role to play, so that I ask, “If it had not happened, then what would have happened?
My ‘why’ answers this question very Beautifully:
Your life, is not simply your Life, it is an accumulation of countless lives and an accumulation of the impressions of countless lives; it has no limit.
If we wish to understand the meaning of seh yoga, accumulation, or understand life, then the understanding of our own ‘self’ will become the means for the understanding of this accumulation or cooperation. If you wish to understand Life, then you will have to understand your thirst.
For—only the seeds of desires bring forth the buds of ideas and reflections; action flowers and from that you have the fruit of Life. This fruit is the fruit of our desires and wishes.
Shaheer:  “What do you mean?”
‘Why’: “I mean, that if we look into the depth of the matter, we come to know what our desires are. According to those desires our life continues.”
Shaheer: “Do you mean that the cooperation I have is the result of my desire, rather than the desire itself?”
‘Why’: “Yes.”
Shaheer: “Then what was Darshan’s desire?”
‘Why’: “Ponder over it and you will get the answer.”
Shaheer: “He wanted money, besides peace and tranquility, and no fight or clash of any sort. He might have little money, but his environment must be peaceful.”
‘Why’: “Is his desire duly fulfilled?”
Shaheer: “Yes. Peace is a universal demand and this, people lack.”
‘Why’: “All want peace and comfort, but their first preference is for something else; they might be attaching more importance to wealth or money. Well, tell me, if someone asks Darshan what he wants, money or peace, what will his answer be?”
Shaheer: “Money is needed but not at the expense of tranquility. Hence, he would not want to deprive himself of Peace. And what is my cooperation with my children?”
‘Why’: “Now think contrarily. Don’t think what they want, but what you wish to give them.”
Shaheer: “Freedom.”
‘Why’: “Thus, their deep desire is for Freedom. For their young, early life they need the ground of freedom. So…”
Thus, I keep watching and feeling that the grace and bounty of the Unknown One is pouring like rain drops in every field and in all directions that we are getting full cooperation and kindly grace from all sides according to the nature of our desires.
Friends, ever since I took this path, I have been worshiping l to every particle, every moment of this path, and every cooperative. For I perceive in every particle the cooperation of many other particles, and in every moment the role of other moments. All this grows deeper and deeper and more thought provoking; my life begins to sit and contract in the fold of Quietude.
To whom should I be thankful?
To whom should I be so beholden?
This all—pervasive cooperation, displaying its vast expansion, directs me toward self-introspection. I feel that the external cooperation is pointing to me, that I can recognize my centre, my own ‘self’. This external cooperation is only one of many currents of this inner, central cooperation. In this, my experience and consciousness is rejuvenated.  I feel that:
The expansion of the human frame is only a miniature of the expansion of the world; the expansion of the human physique is only a small expansion of the Universe.
This consciousness focuses my whole attention upon myself, and I keep afloat in a very deep stream of reasoning. Wherever I rise to my feet, I thank my body—whose health Beautifies my life. Instead of touching any other person’s feet, I begin to pay obeisance to my own feet. I, the fool, cannot express my sense of gratitude to all the elements of my body. To whom can I express my gratitude and to what extent? Can I be grateful to my mind or the intellect, to my wishes and desires, or to my thoughts and reflections, to my ‘ego’ or the ‘self’? To which life can I be thankful, and tell it that it is because of its cooperation that I underwent all this growth and made this progress? If they do not show this courtesy, I will have no alternative to keeping mum and sitting still.
Today again, I beg cooperation of my ‘self’ and say, “Please, offer me your cooperation and lend me the necessary capacity for digesting and assimilating your cooperation.”
The cooperation of this ‘self’ is almost invaluable and revolutionary in character, as it lead my ‘self’ into the refuge of ‘why’.
My children—ever since they came into my life, my feelings and sentiments are ‘divine gifts’ for them; my role for them is only that of cooperation. Far away from the sow of mine and yours or any attachments, they remain in the common, usual environment. In some respect, I cannot say how and why, my behaviour towards them remained a bit tough and harsh. For example:
When they happened to be asleep, I would keep the television, the radio, and the telephone—all switched off; only in a very dim voice, a tape would keep on relaying sacred songs.
I would always call them for their meals. If they did not take it, I would not ask them again.
They were forbidden to touch any articles or any decoration. I had to tell them only once about it.
They were not to scatter household articles hither and thither. I had given them this instruction only once.
After that, they never gave me any chance to reprimand them; rather, I felt a deep understanding and cooperation with them. Gradually as they grew up, my ‘why’ became a gift, a blessing for them. They had Freedom!
‘Freedom!’ Why was it a gift?
At the sight of flowers, I always ask myself a question:
Would I like to become an embroidered flower or a wild flower?
Its answer comes to me after covering a long distance. My deepest thirst is to become free and boundless.
The Orchard—a single human’s property—it is true that orchard will have better care, better protection, and will enjoy better health, but it will be someone’s possession.
Therefore, I refuse to be such a property.
The wild flower—absolutely free—it may not be so healthy or so beautiful, but it has no master. It is independent and free. Its fragrance is meant for all. It is possibly beyond all eyes, but its freedom will enrich its existence even if it has a life of two hours.
In short, where there is no limit and one can surpass all limits, such freedom I covet.
For me Freedom means to live according to one’s individuality, to experience the vicissitudes of Life, to learn something from oneself, to be the master of oneself, to decide on the basis of one’s sensibilities as to where one’s own uniqueness or distinction lies, who and what am I.
They grew up learning and benefiting from their experience. They remain for me, my good cooperators.
I have grown up keeping watch over my environment. If a child commits a mistake, what is in store for that child? Punishment. If a grown up happens to make the same mistake, they are not punished. If a child spills something on the ground, the child is thrashed. If a grown up does the same thing, the spill is quietly swept clean!
Did you ever think—whom the child belongs to?—If a child’s little hands drop anything, it is a trifle. We should thrash ourselves, for we are older in age.
Children are helpless and dependent—why did you incur this helplessness and dependence? It is also necessary to mention these events because there is hidden behind them the vast ‘awareness’ of Life. My friends, take it for granted. I never feel disturbed by them in any way. In this impressionable period of life, they ever remain sober.
If I am asleep, my children won’t make any noise.
If I am in the state of Meditation, there is no obstruction.
If I sit quiet in my room, there is no cacophony.
In their young age if they visited the mall, they would ask for nothing, make no complaint. If I said ‘yes’, they agreed; if I said ‘no’, they would keep quiet. To go to school, they would wake up in time. They sweep their own rooms, wash their clothes, and do all such jobs.
What more can I say for? They are self-reliant and eager to have a quiet and peaceful life; in social contacts, they are very concise and in the field of studies, they are quite well.
On many occasions, they have become my guide; if something transpires, they readily grasp the situation and show me the path. The feelings I wished to gather from my parents, I got from them. Despite their innocence, only their mode of understanding was different. I often wondered whether they would have succeeded in worldly affairs. The answer was always in the negative sense.
This keen insight of my children proves a good guide for me in my moments of depression, and they are for me the flowers of my destiny. What will they prove for themselves? I do not know.
At times, I perceive in them, in this young age, my present experiences. Perhaps, it is an experience of freedom which asserts that:
 Life is worth living and is not a heavy load.
I have heard that:
We do not undergo a transformation merely by studying books, but instead, learn many useful things from our environment and grow wise.
What is the need of meditation? We must have brains to think and reflect then, peace wells up automatically.
The three never quarrel with one another—we five members live in the house, and despite being together, we are mentally a part from one another. Despite being separate, we are together. We are merely put together by luck and are no burden upon this journey of Life.
At the sight of this cooperation, granted by the Unknown, my heart falls into obeisance before it. At times, I bow in reverence to the Unknown and at others to this happy cooperation.
Today, I solute this ‘why’ of mine, which is enfolded in every experience and every sensibility in its grasp. Today, this accumulated experience in the garb of Beautiful diction is eager to mould itself into a new design for your perusal.

Friends, do not think that I am addressing my usual domestic life; you should probe into the depth of these words and gauge the profundity of these happenings. You will see that ‘existence’ or Life means an anthology of these events and occurrences; the total accumulation of this Life is our today. The seeds of our longing desires, sown in the womb of our past moments, are our today. If we duly reflect upon all happenings, we learn what Life is. The linkage of these occurrences is leading me on in this momentous pilgrimage.