Knowledge is the Largest Miracle # 8

This being
of ours is a combination
of five elements and so is the Universe.
It stood before me in the shape of
Five Gates and quietly knocked to suggest that these
were the same gates that help one make a visit
to the world as well as to Brahma, the Creator.
A positive entry into these gates is the harbinger of
peace, comfort, and happiness,
while the negative entry brings
woe, trouble, pain, fear, and insatiate.
I have crossed over
from the negative entry into the positive one,
as indicated by these Five Gates
which examine my visit to
the world.

Five Gates

What is this world? Who am I? 
The answers to these questions are provided by my faith and devotion. 
For when I changed, I found my whole life transformed
and the whole world had also undergone a change.
How could I realize whether I was right or wrong?
Only my peal of laughter, thundering in
the atmosphere of peace, raised the palm of peace and comfort.
This state of peace and tranquility leads me to the
place where everything exists, ‘exists’ eternally;
this state of salvation is called samadhi or nirvana. A
glimpse of this everlasting existence makes me peep
into my own present state
which will be clarified in
The Windows of the Moments.

I peep
through the depth of tranquility,
which is deeper than the depth of the
unfathomable Sea,
to see the past travel of my mind and
the intellect of my feeling.
Perceptions, lying contracted in the lap of
my past moments which craved for their Freedom,
relate their state.
I also perceive how the golden moments of my life,
passing through my present state,
 fill me with ‘awareness;’
they indicate to me my present day state
in this situation.
Window of the Moments

Though I know the
art of living,
I feel some cold comfort.
I wish to see and release my true shape and appearance.
 I wish to know how
our genuine shape enters
the state of ‘is’ness’
and how our true, present essence lies
in our body, mind, and intellect.
This is my unique, extraordinary

Unique Journey

What is the true aim of Life?
How can we get rid of
trouble, fear, worry, and tension?
When we receive
peace and comfort,
how do we feel about
 Nature and God?
What is the difference between
Science and Religion?
What is the difference between
Human and God?
When our journey of life becomes Beautiful
only when we realize
the true aim of Life.

Wonderful Path

What is pain?
Only our ignorance.
What is the twinge of pain?
The symbol of our incapability.
What are our thoughts?
Our own stream of life.
Then, what do we escape from?
When we descend into the vast Ocean of ‘existence’,
we are bound to get wet.
If the water is muddled, we will be sullied.
Therefore, why worry?
The dialogue between my life
and me is given in my book entitled
Beyond Silence. 

Beyond Silence

When we realize
 the true significance of life
we relate it,
but we do not give any proof of
what is right or wrong.
I do not know whether I look at the trees
or the trees look at me,
because there is only one word in the Universe
that is creative and constructive
which constructs the world, the individual, and God.
If there is one word,
how can we be ‘many?’

Beyond Time