Our experience is always of harmony, of a lovely rhythm or tune

One day: in the early morning I walked to the track as the sun infused with the horizon with pinks and reds. In that beauty my being stood like a Statue and my heart spoke, 'wow'. I felt a stillness- ' silence', Deep Peaceful Atmosphere around me. But I did not know who I became. I just felt deep love my in Being.

Then I allowed myself to be lost in creation's love, unconditionally. I wondered at the very life's mystery. I gave myself to love itself. I walked the brave fully painful  path of creation's love with ecstasy and moist being.

Then I realized that God comes to us through mystery. To each of us God comes in our own way, according to our nature and habits. Again I realized that nature is my path and the very nature 's creation' is my Guru, because- For me, God is visible in nature.