This Beauty lies not only in the season of Spring, but also in the autumnal fall of leaves


With the rise and the setting of the Sun, every particle and every moment is dyeing, in this journey of Life in the colors of new experiences.
With the rise of the morning Sun, the freshness of the new morn, the third layer of the fog, the delicate soft dewdrops—are refreshing and enlivening not only my being, but even the immaculate and unalloyed manifestation of the Universe. It seems as though every part of Life makes us conscious of its positive as well as negative period.
Today, if I observe carefully, I find everything standing in the glimpse of the same manifestation. The cycle of attachment and non-attachment, enjoyment and renunciation, gives a Beautiful turn to Life and the experience at every turn enriches the flow of thoughts and the speed of emotions and passions with the Beauty of diversity and the special virtue of balance.

As soon as the Sun rises every object of the world can be seen easily; in the same way, the Sun of awareness appears on the land of the being. Then every step taken eagerly to understand Life becomes desirous of a deep sting; then also its expression in a new style and clad in gorgeous clothing, performs its role.
If there is attachment—whom is it with?
If there is detachment—whom is it with?
If there is interest in enjoyment, of what can be the enjoyment?
If there is the desire for renunciation, why is it so?
Every word contains the story of Life, depending on the reflective eye to ascertain how deep it can penetrate.
When I look around, after going through surprising situations, the distinction of the good and the evil begins to disappear; there is neither any excitement or disturbance in the current of thoughts nor any destruction in the flood of passions
Today the zest for detachment emits its fragrance through my breaths.
Attachment—it is mine, with Peace, comfort, and joy.
Because my being plays tricks with my Life, while attachments takes Quietude within its fold and tastes Life.
Detachment is also there. When I begin to feel satiety, there comes the tranquil storms of unique experience in my being, the rich whirlwinds of Peace and comfort—Beautiful encampments for a brief break—which swept away the dunes of my lust, greed, rage, and hauteur. I then feel that I have become willing to renounce everything. My renunciation or detachment is from trouble, suffocation, helplessness, worry, and anxiety. My renunciation is also from the lines of demarcation and discrimination, for I always desired to get rid of my ego. Today, if I were to look at the grandeur of my attachment and detachment, my knowledge of the Vedic scriptures would become deeper and more profound and I would take my journey of Life to the elucidation of the top Summit of benevolence and the deep ravine of meekness.
Then my feelings take a turn—what?
What is enjoyment, Shaheer?
Enjoyment—enjoyment is the zest of the Beauty of the whole world.
Enjoyment—the rassa ( taste )of the total collective existence.
This Beauty lies not only in the season of Spring, but also in the autumnal fall of leaves.
This rassa is not a mere search for comfort, but is also the twinge of pain—which in every Beauty is conscious of ugliness and in every Beauty perceives crudity. Such is my journey of Life. Such is my notion of consumption or enjoyment. Then where lays renunciation?
Renunciation—I could never renounce anything so far. Nevertheless, when this fascination for every Beauty grew within me, my renunciatory inclination made me renounce myself. Thus, renunciation came to me of its own accord. I did not personally renounce anything. But renunciation of what?
Of the distinction of the native and the alien, of the friend and the stranger.
Of the distinction between good and evil.
Of the impression of virtue and vice.
Of the roles of virtue and sin.
Then I began to look at myself with this awareness.
Attachment is the attachment with the Unknown power.
Renunciation lies in detachment from pain and trouble.
Enjoyment lies in the acquisition of the quintessence of total, collective existence.
Renunciation lies in severing one’s connection with the sense of ego—which is not done, but automatically happens, just as the Sun rises and sets of its own accord and we are merely on lookers. In the same way, like the Sun, Life appears, moves on and stays; we are mere experiencers.