Openness & curiosity are the primary conditions for discovery

The Quran

All existent beings are compounded of two things, darkness and light, The light belongs to the Invisible, and the darkness to the Sensible world; but the two are intimately connected, and the former exercises a paramount influence upon the latter.

1--First stage of journey, and is called, Service or Worship.

2--When in answer to prayers the Divine influence; the stage called ’Ishk, Love.
3-- the next stage, called Seclusion
4--Occupying himself henceforward with contemplations and the investigations of those metaphysical theories concerning the nature, attribute ; then reaches next stage, which is that of Knowledge.
5--Now this assiduous contemplation of startling metaphysical theories is exceedingly attractive to an Oriental mind, and not unfrequently produces a state of mental excitement akin to the phenomena observed during the recent religious revivals. Such ecstatic state is considered a sure prognostication of direct illumination of the heart by God, and constitutes the next stage, Ecstasy.
6--During this stage he/she is supposed to receive a revelation of the true nature of the Godhead, and to have reached the stage called Hakíkat, or The Truth.
7--He/she is then said to proceed to the stage of Jam’ 7th stage, Union. or Wasl, direct Union with God.
0 --Further than this he cannot go, but pursues hisLast stage Extinction. habit of self-denial and contemplation until his death, which is, however, merely looked upon as a total reabsorption into the Deity, forming the consummation of his Journey, the last stage designated Faná, Extinction.