The Trace-less Path of Love comes in many Forms

Today, when life is introducing me to its every aspect, is separating me from the expansion of the five elements, then I look at myself with pitiful eyes .In which I feel, how stupid I was. As I look upon my life, I feel that every life has the same story to tell; it is only the question of the level of the individual as to from which window of personality one watches the panorama of this world. 
Today, my life lies in that field where even the invisible aspects of life can be experienced. The visible aspects of life that rest on the shoulders of the visible aspects offer me their colourful design of experience to play with. The feelings and perceptions of life that lie asleep in the lap of the moments of yesterday and standing in the glimpse of the future moments and my present period— are flowing like the flow of streams. In it, the deep experiences of life are playing the role of tides to wipe out all memories of my past moments and carry me into the great expansion.If I refer to weal and woe, then every person does action according to ones temperament or disposition which is individual’s nature. So the fruit of action also reacts according to the individual’s disposition. It means that according to our own nature the situation that arises is the creation of our own temperament.