God is to become the great friend of the life: Be Happy, this is a part of Meditation

The one who wishes to practise metaphysics must first, last, and all the time realize that one own-self is a center of the divine. activity; one must know that whatever God is in the Universal, one is in the world in which one lives. One must know that all things are made out of Spirit, which is First Cause; nothing comes before Spirit.

The One who understands the truth knows that as long as God exists, one will exist; he/she must not only see the Divine Being as the great unknown Cause and see God as the great self-knowing, understanding power of Infinite Intelligence, thinking through his own thought and willing into his own life all power and all good. More than this, God must become within his own soul the greater self, the inner life, the inner light that is to light his path with sure step to the attainment of the greater ideals. God is to become the great friend of the life, understanding him/her, and helping him/her at all times to understand all things. No more books, no more teachers, no more preachers, no more yoga-meditation, creeds or candlesticks will one ever need.