Shaheer, Let the Shaheer Die completely

I love those moments when I realized that I am an idiot. These moments are very beautiful and powerful and very deep painful, because this idiotic is very clean--clearer than any knowledge. This idiotic is healthy, because those moments are silent only and silence is very wonderful state; then I realized again that I am Silence only. Then I said to myself, " Shaheer, let the shaheer die completely dear; she is still alive, let her die, mallah (Dearest ). Now that Shaheer is on death-bed. There is no pain, because Shaheer feels that she is birthing. This birth brings everything in my being, and... My being is growing vast like sky but very aliveness... Emptiness but very energy... Nothingness but very healthy... Alonelyness but very blissful... Freeness but very rejoicefully.