This silence took to the peak of thoughtlessness: MICHAEL JACKSON

Michael Jackson

- When the wind blows in the same directions as everything else in the creation, then deep thoughts kept ignorant off the same…
- When the mind kept on flowing in the spools of thoughts, then no feelings took upon itself to slow down to break…
- When the consciousness travel through the emotion, none of the awareness took upon itself to awake…
- When in the environment of L.A.’s speed of life, gazed at Silence, being separated and saw the disbursement of realization;
- Then,
= This silence took to the peak of thoughtlessness. 
= This separation took birth of tear and introduced itself to deep being. 
= Depth of life realization put itself into the cradle of creation.
Whom I only shared few moments of television moments with, Who’s song I have never fully heard. Today the Energy of Michael Jackson took my being into the womb of universe.
Was this the relationship I was meant to have…
Was his being only meant to give me such…!
May The wholeness give every feeling of his being peace, happiness and freedom.