Wishing Everyone a Happy Ramadan

~  Because Shaheer is not Muslim, she can't say '' ALLAH ''
~  Because she was not born in Hinduism, she can't say ''OUM ''

~  Because she do not go to a SIKH-TEMPLE, So she is not '' SIKH ''
~  Because she did  not read the BIBLE, then she can not love ''JESUS '' 
When messages Like these come from Friends-relatives, then Shaheer's response:
-Baba Kabir ji once said,
“I am not a Hindu,
 Nor a Muslim am I!
I am this body,
 a play Of five elements;
 a drama Of the spirit dancing,
With joy and sorrow.” Bhagat Kabira
But she will not say what KABIR JI has.
She will say,
''I am Muslim-Hindu- Christan- Sikh-, I am ever all; because I Love Jesus- Muhammad- Nanak- Tao- Buddha- Krishna- Shiva- Kabir- Farid-Bullhe shah ect. then How can they not be...?
I love all religions, Quran- Gita- Bible- Guru granth- Tao- Maha gita- Upneshid, all is my Life and every Peer-Fakir-Saint Are mine.I love all Creation-Universe-Nature, I love everything,
When I look at Creation, Everything is mine;
when I go into SILENCE, then I am nothing, even I am not Mine.''