Every Moment, I am awed by what I find`

From is’ness the individual’s true life begins. 
This true life begins with the perception of the uniformity of the universe
 and the homogeneity in the world. 
This stage is the individual’s last journey 
before is’ness begins its journey into the energy. 
The journey of the energy can also be referred to as the journey of the University.
 This unique journey which begins with silence introduces the individual to the mysteries 
and secrets of time
 and space where the individual becomes aware of its true self 
which is beyond both time and space. 
My books contain only a detailed account of these feelings and realizations of the spiritual wayfarer.
When the individual turns to glance at the world, 
they enter a new dimension. 
Then time teaches them that the world 
of the unconscious mind is merely a dream. 
While the dream of a wakeful mind is the world. 
Then Space shows them 
that the meditation of an unconscious mind is sleeping, 
While the sleep of the wakeful mind is meditation.