I am Happy NOW that I found You, O my Beautiful Life; Because I knew that I Loved YOU Before I met YO

 How do we experience now? 
How do we get a taste, a flavor, of now? 
This flavor, this texture of the now,
 is the immediacy of the experience of 
awareness, consciousness, presence.
 It is like trying to find out what fluid light is made of.
 It is made out of now, out of now-ness.
 It is an unchanging, condensed now, a full, indestructible now.
 It is a now that is at all times, 
for it is the now that is the present of all times
—past, present, and future. 
And it doesn't change from an instant in the past to an instant in the future.
 It is the same now
—always fresh. 
Time doesn't have an impact 
on the Now.