If we could see a single Spec clearly, our whole life would change.

In other words, dream and the world, sleep and meditation
 depend only on the awareness of the individual itself. 
How my journey of so many years 
which was form me to myself took my body, mind, intellect, 
and awareness in harmonious cooperation. 
Watched and enjoyed new golden dimension 
how I felt surcharged with excessive ecstatic delight in the state of bliss,
 kept flying in the highest Sky.
It was because: 
• In the lap of every moments lay the awareness of timelessness. 
• In every action lay the consciousness of no action. 
• Every particle emitted the aroma of emotive homogeneity. 
• Every happening gave a hint of the destination lying ahead. 
• Every step forward was destination which kept telling 
that the world is the path and humans only a wayfarer.