I go down to earth and loose myself in Love

Where everything I touch is turned 
into a Prayer

Like a candle I was melting in 
nature's Beauty!

Myself with mine own eyes I saw most clearly,
 just Love

I melted away into nothingness, 
I saw, 
only SAW!

Through Love's vastness I was forgiven Everything

O, Life! 
Let me learn the lessons you have hidden
 in Nature...

 If I am willing to see what is the secrets of Nature , 
then I know, 
WHAT the GOD is!

O, Amazing love!
 Let me walk in beauty with You; 
then empty me of everything 
Your companionship.

O, Life! 
Make me love so that I may understand the heart; 
so when body vanishes may you gives me hug 
without hesitate

Love said to me that when I abandon myself, 
then- I will find it; because I asked,
 ''O Love, 
Which path will lead me to you?