Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling

How can the light shine without the darkness?

For Wherever I Turn, I Face Truth

Day and Night depend on One's position

One who is self-created is BLISS!

It sure is amazing how many mountains we can climb 
when we take one step 
and a time,
 moving moment to moment

Falling in love with the LIFE is the greatest romance;

searching HER, is the greatest Adventure; finding HER,
the greatest Achievement,; and being with HER, 

the greatest source of Happiness....

Eternal Time is One, for all eternity.
 It cannot really be divided by living beings. 
Only human imagination can divide eternal Time
 into Past, Present and Future.
 There is only one consciousness.

All light is mental light.
 It is essentially produced by the organisms of various life forms
 as an internal sensation that is then externalized. 
When radiation flows into the human eye, 
radiant mental light rises from the Black Light within human nature, 
flows out of the human eyes, 
to illuminate the world 
the Cosmos.