Love is my simple religion. There is no need for any Religious place; My Life is my temple and my service is Love

The whole world might see and hear me. But only me can know

It is impossible for me to say that I know anybody, and it is equally impossible to say that anybody knows me. For while I see You and You see me...

# 1---

```I see myself without associations for a moment. What happens? Everything becomes alive. I find myself in a different world - a world of another meaning. Then: Life speak, not person.

```The level of Essence is higher than that of Personality. We understand that a higher level receives greater meaning. Now when we are blessed - that is, when we are relaxed from the Personality - we feel the intimacy of everything around us

The very Life opens the door to nature,
 where we come face to face with new dimension 
be a mirror to your own life; 
may not be much different between animal and human. 
This is a whole new and fresh 
deep feeling about Life

I have no objection to any person's religion, 
be it what it may, 
so long as that person does not kill 
 insult any other person, 
other person don't believe it also