Ae beauty of life- You are my Soul-Mate

From the moment I looked you I fell in love.
 Ae beauty of life- You are my Soul-Mate.
 I will always love you 
 I will grow in to be with you. 
Every minute I spend with you is a minute I will cherish for Universe.
 You symbolize who we are and who I want to be.
 I am so in love with you. 
I love you, for your Seasonally Personality, 
the warm embrace of your SUMMER,
 that endless love you share with us in SPRING,
 that priceless FALL, 
the way your Uniqueness melts my being like Snow-falling in WINTER
I can't wait to spend the rest of my life in your nature (Silence)
- O my Wonderful Nature 
I love you madly- like- I love myself