I lost my mind and heart, I could not figure out Where the world of beauty and love begins and where it ends. But, Ae my shyness Life, I always Love you!


                                One day: in the early morning I walked to the Track 
as the Sun infused with the Horizon with PINKS and REDS.
 In that BEAUTY my being stood like a Statue 
and My Heart spoke, 'WOW'.
 I felt a Stillness- ' SILENCE', 
Deep Peaceful Atmosphere around me.
 But I did not know who I became. 
I just felt deep LOVE my in Being.
Then I allowed myself to be lost in CREATION's Love, 
 I wondered at The Very Life's Mystery. 
I gave myself to LOVE itself. 
I walked the Brave fully Painful PATH of CREATION's LOVE 
with Ecstasy and Moist being.
Then I realized that GOD comes to us through Mystery.
 To each of Us GOD comes in our own WAY, 
according to our NATURE and HABITS. 
Again I realized that NATURE is my PATH 
and the very NATURE 'CREATION' is my GURU,
 because- For Me, 
GOD is Visible in NATURE.