I am connected to my environment. I know in this moment that all is well in my world. Peace is me!

Do not Go through life, Grow through life

I will walk through the day with SPRING in my Step, 
a smile in my Body 
 I will have nothing to say about My Healthy LIFE, WOW!
 I will enjoy the AROMA of NATURE, 
 the Flowering from the inside of me to the outside of me!
 Will we go through our day today SMILING?

Faith and Devotion

The two most desirable channels are Faith [Shraddha] 
and Devotion [Bhakti]. 
Shraddha is conviction-cum-faith in the ultimate Spiritual spark in ourselves. 
In our heart of hearts, 
in the core of our cores, 
we are that Spiritual spark.

Yes, even today I love everybody 
and I pray for everybody’s well being. 
Every individual is the origin of some special merit. 
Whether depth is the depth of life or of a subject, 
it is always 
‘Silent’ and 'Calm'.