Everyone is in search of love yet no one has faith in it,

Hi Human

What should I say as there is abundance words to say, 
which particular word I can use 
so this emotion can reveal the right and pure emotion. 
Will any human being be able to do a business of only ‘Love’.
Everyone is in search of love yet no one has faith in it, 
because in the business of emotion the only profit is love.
 In the longing of business of love I was reminded of you.
 This is very valuable gift for the whole creation.

Will you accept it!
Will you understand it!
Are you capable of seeing life’s depth through eye peep hole!
If you are capable and ready then come on,
 if not please ‘O beautiful soul,’ don’t waste your time!
But do remember that
 I have written these words knowing your capabilities,
 if you are aware of your own capabilities: then—
‘Let us presant another gift to the world.’
Even if you don’t want to travel along the same path,
 read this letter with relaxed mind.
because we can be only satisfied with pure truth
and that truth is ''LOVE''

Always be happy, stay healthy