We are the silent space of love itself embracing the entire universe this moment

1)---Our understanding is Dualistic:

When we see something, if we see it in its true sense there is nothing to be seen and no one to see it. Only when we analyze it is there someone seeing something and something that is seen. It is one activity that can be understood in two ways. I see something, but really there is no one seeing it and nothing to be seen. Both of these are true.

2)---Our understanding is Dualistic:

We understand things in a dualistic way, but we don’t forget that our understanding is dualistic. I see. Or someone or something is seen by someone. These are interpretations of subject and object that our thinking mind produces. Subject and object are one, but they are also two.

3)---Our understanding is Dualistic:

When we say “eyes,” eyes include the form. When we say “form,” form includes the eyes. If there is no form and nothing to see, eyes are not eyes anymore. Because there is something to see, eyes become eyes. The same is true of ears, nose, and tongue.
“If there is no river, there is no boat.”

4)---Our understanding is Dualistic:

We see something but we do not see something. We always feel the oneness of the subjective and objective worlds, the oneness of eye and form, the oneness of tongue and taste.