Colors answer feeling in person; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will

Colors are the smiles of Nature

Any two colors will be harmonious when one or both contain some of the other

Q--: O my life, I have some more experience of such a melodious and rhythmic life. 
A--* In the moments of love I mingled my tune and rhythm with the tune of every individual, for whom there welled in my heart the swelling of love. Not only this, I also noticed that we were raising our steps simultaneously. At first I did not take it into my consideration regarding it as a figment of the imagination. But when an event goes on occurring and reoccurring it is bound to catch our notice. But I did not share my experience with any body; as I knew that none would believe me. But today as I began to coalesce my tune with the tune of the universe, I remembered those experiences that our love might be directed towards an individual or towards the universe, our experience is always of harmony, of a lovely rhythm or tune; that the depth corresponds the height. If there is the universe the experience too, scatters above the thick depth. The shape of this infinite power of love presented to me both life and death in the same shape.

The greatest mistake in color, and one that causes lack of unity and harmony, is having too many colors on the palette.
A color can not be right until its value is right

Q--Why does the ocean sometimes look dark blue, sometimes light blue, other times more of a green or a brown color?
A--In very deep water, almost all of the sun's rays are absorbed by the water itself due to the lack of sediment and the lower amount of organic matter (like algae and jellyfish), and thus the blue appears to be darker.