Therefore the mind itself is Reality? = The Mind itself is Reality, but our vision of it is a concept, and therefore tridimensional, and that is 'an inaccurate apprehension of Reality.'

1-)- If we analyze a percept what do we observe? 
= A sense-impression in not more than two dimensions at a time. 
If we analyse a concept what do we observe? 

= Percepts in not more than two dimensions associated by a further process of the mind so that they are comprehended as three-dimensional objects

2-)- You cannot use mind to seek something from mind.' What is sought from mind?
= Reality.

3-)- And what is the mind we might to seek to use in the search?

= Reality.

4-)- But our limited consciousness in three dimensions?

= : 'An inaccurate apprehension of Reality.'

5-)- Can we not use that?

= : How could it be effective?

6-)- So what ?

=: That there is nothing to seek, and no means of seeking it. For it is already there, and it is all that there is anywhere at all.

7-)- So what do we do?

=: Nothing need be done or can be done, for there is nothing to do and nothing with which to do anything.

8-)-  But I seek realization.

= It is there. You have it. Look - instead of thinking about looking. Reality is in the act of looking, not in what your tridimensional consciousness thinks it has seen.

9-)- Go on.

=: It is the Goose in the Bottle again. The answer, as you know, is, 'Look, it is out!'.