Your presence lift me from earth to heaven, O amazing feeling of Silence

There is gathering Is it mind’s or is it only body’s Is it words or statement Sitting at the silence door Gazing through emptiness eyes Vibration of sound travelling, Through the silence of words, And reaches the gate of time The sound of words hits at the time And the music comes out… Which takes it again at the door of silence Ears are listening to the silence In unknown entity is viewing, the stylish words… is it statement or mere speech is it to be listened or viewed looking at the speed of ear, which reaches in the line of words the question arises; who is travelling ears or statement words or tongue ear has it’s own speed or the statement has it’s own path which complites at my knowing… who am I what is this knowing this knowing becomes silence… then the door of I’ness opens, I, I am, No-no, this is just ‘I’ Then The I’ness gazes at the ‘I’ This I’ness and my ‘I’ The viewing and hearing Neither the I’ness survives, Nor the ‘I’ Then, A wave takes place Which became a light, Which infinite emptiness, Became fully realized creation.