Your words flow as the sacred river in my being, O my shining Thought

 I remember when I ask myself what had passed,
 "Time or Body".
 Then Shaheer replied,
Ask the same question again,
"What is passing at this moment". 
Then a sound murmuried," Today I am the alone". Then time replied again, "I am the fragment of imagination. A being looking at its own changing body begins to say my name. A being passing through desires and thoughts also blames me. Although I stand still." Then I ask," What is your speed and action?" Time answered while looking at shaheer, "Shaheer do you remember those moments when the wish to fly entered your being; those moments were to attain me. Do you remember that thought which kept thinking who is your own and who is foreign--who am I and what is Life; those thoughts were to understand me. Do you remember that search which kept on researching freedom; that search was too surpass me." Then I looked at shaheer who was enveloped in sigh of silence, which was nothing but sounds of thinking.I asked time, "Then how is your speed today, then who am I ". Then time replied, " there is no speed today either, I am standing still today as well. Only differents is that shaheer is also standing still today" Then who is this walking along,I asked; and time again replied, "You" Then I ask amazingly, "I--Mine--How is that, so" Then time replied, "Look at your own being with depth, then be aware of who I am?" When I gaze at the time: That was the moment of mine and I became century... That was my own thought and I was just consciousness... That was my own step and I was standing as destination... Wow! Time was my own moment--my own idea... Shaheer was my own feeling--my own emotion... And: I was nothing but emptiness I was fullfil not only nothingness.