Have a beautiful life

Have a beautiful life

All I know is that I was born as a thought--travelled as search and found life as an emotion. I kept on dissolving but could not find the Boundary


We are divorced couple but never fought ; 
From last 25 years: 
We are living together in divine-relationship 
and we are best friend. 
It is to transform living into an Art. 
Spiritual life and the art of living are,
 therefore, two ways of referring to the same thing.
 A real relationship is when two people are working. 
It can be in essence. 
When he is asleep she must be awake.
 When she is asleep he must be awake. 
When One is angry, 2nd one is silent.

We live in relationship, not only with other persons 
and our immediate surroundings 
but with the world, 
with time
with the mystery of not knowing who we are, 
where we came from 
and where we are going.
 Most especially we need to remember that 
we live in relationship 
with the fundamental principle of the Universe,
which we call God 
the Divine.

When we say that we want to be happy, 
that we yearn for fulfillment, 
we are actually expressing the human need to unveil 
the mystery of the Divine. 
We know that explanations of life 
and the world are not enough. 
We find real fulfillment 
only when the Divine becomes part of 
our self- awareness.

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What a beautiful beauty all around us

What a beautiful beauty all around us
It is never too late to change. Everyday is new. Every breath is fresh new air. Life continuously renews itself. why should we not? All it takes is the choice to let go of the past. of that which does not work anymore and embrace the new with openness