Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves

Peaceful ( best relationship )

O, beautiful universe,
What a wonderful beginning to a new life. 

Thank you, universe. 
What more can a stupid one say to the universe who opened heart to her. 
You truly have no idea what I feel for the you, 
O my wonderful universe! 
I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably.
 I never thought I had the capacity to live
 like that as much as I live right now. 
I truly feel blessed 
that I have become a part of your dimension.
 I am more peaceful 
free in your dimension than I ever were before. 
My comfort and joy and gratitude 
that you should give me 
such a perfect life are beyond all expression.
Thanks O, universe, 
You are the best dimension. 
You are like the best feeling,
 the best experience,and the best relationship. 
I never thought that someone like me could get so lucky! 
this is the most peaceful feeling 
any human can ever hope to experience.
May I live in you forever!
forever yours


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