Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

It is

1)----Love is something that is new, fresh, alive. It has no yesterday and no tomorrow. It is beyond the turmoil of thought. Then love has no opposite. Absolutely nothing. Then there is love

2)---“All life is interconnected” and “There is a higher plane of consciousness or spirituality that binds all us''

3)---Waking up to the truth of your nature as life itself is nothing less than total devastation, that once begun, snowballs into an never-ending mysterious transformation.

4)---All the passing personal identities that play out are seen to be only masks that life itself likes to play with, but none of them are ever our true face

5)---There is more and more sensitivity to how life energy is being physically suppressed ‘in here’, in the attempt to survive and be someone

6)---There is more and more a sense of losing ‘myself’. Fear can be here, and in fact is no longer the enemy. It is lived with moment to moment, as a close friend.

7)---We walk around naked without even our skin to protect us

8)---Life is so mysterious and chaotic, that we no longer know how to navigate in it all. But the answer does not come in thought. Thought is no longer believed to be reliable in any answer it offers anyway. Thought is no longer in charge of the game

9)---Life itself lives itself, as it has always, even when it was believed that this person was real. More and more we start to trust that life itself takes care of it all, whether or not it fits our ideas of how it should look like or should feel

10)---When we admit that really we don’t know how to live this human life, then the burden of covering it all up and pretending we know or need to know, doesn’t need to be carried anymore. This is very liberating in itself.

11)--- Thought no longer needs to play the role of being in control of it all. Thought is finally allowed to be the servant that is it’s nature to be. It is this liberation of thought that brings great relief, lightness and freedom.

12)---This is the endless transformation that can never fit into our ideas of how that should be. It is seen to be nothing less than a mysterious gift. We step into the unknown, moment to moment, and feel it all as it is.

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