Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Tell tomorrow to stay where it is

Loving embrace. ( With all religion)

 When the Jihad is at Kurukshetra,

The long awaited universal peace will be,
Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha and Christ in loving embrace,

Old and young and the yet unborn in loving embrace,

The white and the black and the yellow in the loving embrace of Adam, 
The totality of creatures in the loving embrace of God.


So, Muhammad, the orphan Hashimite, became the Messenger of God,
So, Muhammad, the exiled Meccan, became the spokesman for Allah,
So, Muhammad, whose purity of heart excited even his enemies,
Became an exemplar for the human race:

* unknown

no journey; no destination
no traveling; no traveler

What is Nirvana?

Restraint from definition, restraint from dissimulation,
Freedom from distinction, unshackled by ties of limitation,
This is but the accompaniment to the Song of Peace.
Song is not sung in words but by the Breath of Compassion, 
Breathing joy and mercy.
One is what one becomes
And there are not two.

The essence of Buddha’s teachings comes in prajna; 

The essence of Mohammed’s teachings comes in kashf; 
What difference is there other than in the language? 
What is wisdom? What is insight? What intuition? 
To rise above the “what” and ask no questions, 
To feel at peace with the Spirit of the Cosmos...

** Unknown

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