Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves

Me doesn't actually exist

1)--- The ME is that the ME is just a thought; it doesn’t actually exist.

2)--- If we just stop for a moment and look, we won’t be able to find this thing called ME

3)--- Whenever we look, there’s something different there. It turns out that the ME has no substance; it’s just an ever-changing set of ideas. It’s made up of thoughts about ME

4)--- So, when we check to see how I am doing, essentially, we’re checking to see how a thought is doing.

5)--- No thought has ever had a thought. This flow of consciousness is rampantly having thoughts, but the ME within that flow has never had a thought

6)--- The ME is just one of the thoughts appearing in that flow. And yet, all day long, we’re checking: How’s it going for ME?

7)---All that is real is experience; there’s no container for experience called ME. So, as long as our attention is flowing towards this ME, no matter how many good experiences we have, We’ll suffer because this is a place of contraction, a place that doesn’t include the full breadth of our Being.

8)--- When we hear this, it’s natural to try to be less self-conscious. But the only way we could do that is by becoming more self-conscious.

9)--- WE are pure consciousness, and this is the one thing we can never become conscious of. It’s the one thing that consciousness itself can’t flow to. That’s why we put all these substitutes in its place, like the idea ME.

10)--- When we actually go looking for consciousness, it’s like trying to look into our own eyes without a mirror. We know there are eyes there, but we can’t see them. They’re not hidden, but we can’t see them. We know there’s consciousness, but we can’t see it or taste or touch it or hear it.

11)---There’s nothing else but pure consciousness that is having the illusion of suffering. When we see that, then that is the end of our suffering because that’s the end of the ME

12)---All the ME has ever been is our suffering. It’s not such a great deal, is it? We get to exist but at the cost of suffering. All the ME is, is this effort. Without the effort, all that’s left is the wonderful play of pure consciousness called life, no one to experience it and no one to suffer from it; and yet it dances beautifully

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