Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves

Where is it Now! ( Now )

If we know our own thoughts, 
then we are not our thoughts. 
Our thoughts arise in us, 
we don’t arise in a thought.

If we know 'We know' our thoughts, 
we are ultimately prior to knowing, 
before or beyond consciousness itself
 – consciousness being just a high concept.

We don’t have to make any effort to be. 
We know we are . 
That is enough. 
The biggest mistake, 
the true original sin,
 is that we mistake ourselves to be the thought ‘I am.’ 
But this is only a thought.

The thought ‘I am’ is the beginning of the end,
 the end of the beginning.
 A thought is no more real than a shadow.
 Nisargadatta Maharaj says,
 ‘The shadow cannot be there without the substance 
– but the shadow is not the substance.’

All thoughts are shadows and therefore 
we cannot be a thought.
 If we observe our thoughts, 
even casually, 
we find that one thought replaces another
 in an endless parade 
– ‘I am this, 
I am not this,
 I want this, I don’t want this,
 they are this, they are not this,’ etcetera. 
So ignore the thoughts 
and be that which we truly are
 – identify with that which knows all thought.

We think ‘I am.’ What is that? 
Exactly where is the ‘I’ 
that we cling to so dearly, 
that we stake our body
-mind identity on?

Where is it now?

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