Emptied our own-selves

Emptied our own-selves

Who am I ( journey)

For example “I” was born in Sikh religion, so I had to go to Gurdwara but I dreamt of Krishna though I do not know who Krishna was.

At the physical level “I” am sikh but at mental level “I” am hindu. At night I would hear music. After 20 years I came to know that it was verses of Quran, means at deep mental level “I” was muslim. 

Now the question is that if in this physical world we call this “I” as Sikh but is that the reality?

but my being love to pure reality-like Zen, or my thinking process love Tao, then Who am I?
I love everything- I have romantic mood every moment, even ,I am romancing with my stress, because I am pure lover of Life, then, What is my religion and who is my family?
* The Gift { NOTES}

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