My Profession is to always find God in Nature

My Profession is to always find God in Nature
What I knew was that the silence blossomed the heart. When the heart blossomed, there was a feeling of love. The romance started with me. When my romantic-mind took all my stress from me all the time, I could not know. I who I am, I am unknown, today I remembered Buddha in unknown happiness

Let me walk in beauty (zen)

1)---An Exercise
--- Look around your bedroom and find one object that you have had for a long time— something that is very familiar to you. It may be a wall hanging, book, plant, or even a piece of clothing.

2)--- An Exercise
--- Sit down somewhere you can view the object you have chosen, close your eyes (if this feels comfortable), and take a few deep breaths. Set your intention to cultivate beginner's mind.

3)--- An Exercise
Open your eyes and look at the object you have chosen. Imagine you are from Mars and have never seen anything like it before. Really look at the object without judging it.

4)--- An Exercise

---Notice the unique qualities of the object. What does it look like? What does it feel like?
Where does it catch shadows or reflect light?

5)--- An Exercise
---Continue to really examine the object. Do you notice anything about it that you hadn't noticed before?
6)--- An Exercise
---When you are done looking at the object, reflect on this exercise. Did you learn anything
new about the object you chose?

What would it mean if we were able to approach everything in our lives with beginner's mind? 
Are there objects, people, or situations that you tend to react to "automatically," as if you already know what they are?

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