My Profession is to always find God in Nature

My Profession is to always find God in Nature
What I knew was that the silence blossomed the heart. When the heart blossomed, there was a feeling of love. The romance started with me. When my romantic-mind took all my stress from me all the time, I could not know. I who I am, I am unknown, today I remembered Buddha in unknown happiness

The Life

Life, when I probe into this word, the existence of it in its depth introduces me to countless other words—one of those words is thirst. Life is only a word of language today; the consciousness of this linguistic word is only a word. However, when I went deep into my life's experience, I felt life in the shape of thirst only.
Life is a thirst
I see every resource of this thirst with the help of my present existence. Before every search appears the signboard of no admittance, which turns me in some other direction. The colours of this thirst pay a visit to the world in quite novel and unique shapes.
The circle of material thirst, despite its large scope, is within limits.
The circle of feelings and desires, despite its extreme uniqueness, is within limits.
The circle of thought and reflection, despite being sweet and tranquil, is within limits.
Today, all these limits confront my present state with the words no admittance and direct me towards myself, for my thirst remains almost of the same degree of intensity. Its satiety is not possible in 'egotism' or ‘I’ness’. This thirst has already sipped the drop of ‘is’ness’.
Today, just as small glimpses prepare a new life, in the same way our words are composed of small letters; there are many windows through which we can see the uniform shape of the universe in small fragments.
When my being stayed for a few moments in the lap of ‘is’ness’ there was the realization of one and the same uniform shape.
Today my awareness tastes the same experience through the mirror of pure, immaculate understanding. Do these small verbal windows examine and scrutinize my intellect too? These words have no center of their own. They lend us efficiency and capability. To understand the appearance of this world and apprehend the truth, we shall be in a position to do without words.
When I look around, I find no words entering my life. In fact, the boundary of every word confined to the word 'thirst,' acquires a boundless character.
What is Materialism?
A state or a stage when our thirst becomes physical
What is Rationalism?
Only thirst sought the fulfillment of desires and feelings.
What is the intellectual level?
A thirst that makes us learn and reflect, thus quenches our intellectual thirst.
Every level betrays some sort of thirst, while I see nothing but thirst. However why is this thirst there, and who is its creator?
Who is the creator, who by awaking thirst suggests the grandeur of renunciation and prompts us to proceed to the source of water? If today I treat every field of experience as the experience of thirst only, I see its reaction.
This new experience quenches my thirst, and thereby my bounds begin to crack and I begin to fly in the limitless sky with the wings of freedom. As I turn to life:
The softness of these experiences begins to lend me stability.
The explicitness of these experiences begins to provide firmness for my breaths.
The satiety of my thirsty existence begins to make my individuality idealized.

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