Let's make life a pilgrimage together!

Let's make life a pilgrimage together!
Following the trail of colorful emotions and beautiful divine relationships. Now life Blossoms, beginning to love because it is a vibrant land of love and a beautiful feelings to wander across the heart during the journey of awakening. But here are some of the most stunning moments to witness life in full bloom with divine relationship and divine action like spring...And now thoughts are in bloom

Which is the easiest way to be happy in life?

Not all of us are afraid of death, 
afraid of being separated from those we love

Which person do we want in life?
Wise or loving
If I want a sensible person, then I mean I am a lover.
 If I want to be loved then I am wise - in my place
 - for my condition and my circumstances
If you find any?
Then I'm Only Alone - Just Wanted

Doesn't the heart want to live life to the fullest?
If the heart does, then why not live?
Because there is no courage and strength
Why not ?
 Got stuck in the situation
How to leave?
If the path is not visible then surrender yourself to the situation
how ?
You did not even think, if you think, then cut throat.
 Don't talk about yourself in the case of circumstances. 
When the result comes forward, 
there will be a deep feeling of surprise

Which is the easiest way to be happy in life?
Become dedicated
Why is this easy?
 There is no interference from anyone else

What is the hardest job in life?
 To be devoted
Because the mind did not let it happen
What to do then
Try to understand our- own- self
How to understand our- own self
By becoming friends
Whoever it is, no one wants to die
 - everything changes in life and everyone goes to the next 
- so is the mind, that is how we want and we are. 
One has to understand own-self before understanding the mind.
 Then the mind becomes morbid.
 It is not our fault of mind, but our own desire is to blame

What is mind ?
a factory
Mind makes our way
What kind of desire we have, what kind of habit is there,
 how is the nature - how are the circumstances 
- by connecting them all becomes our path 
- just like a bicycle is made
 - then the mind moves us -
 the owner is us 
- We have prepared the mind

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