The Joy of the SandyTrail Opens the Door to Heaven

The Joy of the SandyTrail Opens the Door to Heaven

Take a break : enjoy rest! ( Who am I )

about me- my journey

I wrote these words (this book). Why ?  It is a deep question though its answer is not so deep; for I never thought I would ever write anything nor had I ever written anything. Nevertheless, it was written— why? It was written because it was bound to be written; just like my birth, these writings got their birth. In life’s experience, I found mystery and dept. The humiliation of my sensibilities took me to quietude and later came for me as a gateway to satiety and peace. Then this new shape of life began to write, but I do not know how. 
Gradually as I came to the understanding of life, writing became my art of expression; my tendency to distribute and the feeling of love wanted me to share my experiences with my surrounding. Then gradually this assessment of life became the science of life. I began to feel that life has no limits; it is limitless and infinite, our life is not as we know it, but it has circumference as vast as the circumference of the sky. Such a great truth, my existence could not digest. The greatest miracle for me was the ability to translate my experience in a verbal form. Therefore, this event transpired in my life, has no relation with “Why I wrote it.”
These words are valuable because everyone seeks comfort and satisfaction, and everybody loves its own individuality. These words can make everyone a distinguished, beautiful, truthful and refined person. For they will realize there is someone among us, who has the knowledge of life, is happy and contented. Then why cannot we all become so?
Secondly, when someone is happy and contented, the world, too, will be happy and contented. In this direction, this book will play its role.

My aim was always to exhibit my love and my tendency was always to share my experiences with others (only for my own surrounding). When people cannot offer love, how can they stand for others? Such sentiments kept me in the state of depression. When I understood life, my tendency to share and to love took their first steps in life. These traits found their inauguration; it was then my job to become unique in this work, of my environment.
Secondly, this work is unique in the sense that every object as well as every individual in the world is unique in one sense or another. Every individual differ from one being to another by its own atmosphere, habits, personality, experiences and environment My life can be my life alone; the nature of life and death is the same, the science of life (Biology) is universal. How I saw life and examined it through my own environment and atmosphere, to all this I am unique; as this is my life’s experience, so I could represent it.
  If it were in my power, I would place it in the hand of every person, because to succeed in life, they should first understand themselves. Because with this book, the art of living, the proper direction of life will automatically be determined, life will become beautiful and tranquil. Books of this type are useful at every stage of life. This book contains psychological, philosophical and metaphysical knowledge.
Who will read this book and why?
Those who have:
- Grown disgusted with sorrows and sufferings
- Are afraid of loneliness
- Who long for peace and comfort
- Who are eager to know themselves
- Who are desirous of living life in the right and appropriate manner
- Who wish to accept every stage of life
- Who wish to extend their love to all
- Who wish to understand the mystery of life and death
There are people who suddenly encounter some strange and mentally incomprehensible event or situation. This book will save them from going to the asylum, as well as unrest and dissatisfaction about themselves.
This book contains the science of life; takes individuals close to themselves and make them gorgeous and strong. It will kill inferiority complex or the sense of self-abasement.
This book is the true illustration and proof of a true and upright life. It will enable us to realize that we are all the same, are limitless, if we understand this fact, we shall become happy and prosperous.
Those moments that passed through intense disquietude, infinite desires, painful disappointments, and impossible omissions, were those moments dreams or mere hallucinations? Were those moments encouraged by my poor intellect? Today innocence tightens its grip upon me and demonstrates that despite being a reality, were not a reality, but such a case of forgetfulness that despite being false, was not falsehood. Just as the spider weaves a web with its own efforts and then is caught in it, in the same way it was a web of reflections.
In fact, it was my own ignorance and foolhardiness, picked from reality which assumed the beautiful shape of chaos and hubbub, disturbance and appeared in the external world. In reality it was the personality of my omissions and negligence:
Which involved in the chaos of ideas
And caught in restless restraints,
In the despondency of my daring sensibilities
In the snare of envy and bitterness
And in the grip of a greedy mind
Was my own stream of consciousness, which emerging in the outer world, went on expressing itself.
The window of today’s moment- Enables me to show, where the invaluable moments of today were taking their birth. Moment by moment, preparations of building such a tower by standing on which we acquire the capacity for observing the whole life-sketch or life’s vignette.
Those moments which were parched in sighs,
Those moments which echoed guffaws
The assemblage of them all today began to bloom in the same color; the thirst growing in the innermost recess, brushed against, longings, and outward inclined, desires. This game of friction, ever conscious, always encountered me— I kept watching the two streams of ideas, running within me; which are the indicators of the warmth, as well as the coolness, of my breaths. They kept invigorating my life, and guiding some profound susceptibility of mine.

Worms of doubt, wriggled within me.
But also 
Brave and daring deeds moved on.
I endured intimidating fear
But also 
Conducted the non-descript passion of revolt
If I controlled and recovered my trembling being, I also cajoled my love-soaked mind
If I found my stupidity, indecent self lost in humiliation and shame, but I saw in the distance the taking within coils of oneness, my beautiful sensibility that lay crouched there. To transform life, the portrait of which does not take shape on the usual compass but on the compass of quietness, the grand constructiveness of Nature stood before me in order to extricate my life from the extremely deep bog of despair. The sloughs of despond raise it on the lofty tower of hope— to make me perceive the true shape of myself.
The strength and courage that lay suppressed, assume the shape of cinders and began to demolish the fortress of hauteur. The enthusiasm of this courageous new energy began to endeavor, in the interests of my life, to demonstrate the loftiness of the Unknown summit and to create a healthy environment.
That hauteur, which kept bedecking itself, in the garb of sweet virtues, began to appear nakedness in the smoldering lava of my quiet state- on the verge of eruption. The court hearing of my unfinished longings and insatiate passions, began in the court of quietness; my being made endless efforts to see itself in the garb of perfection. And my wish, passing through this sphere of action, went on forming its own theatrical stage.
The moments of today resolve a latent mystery of life. Is our imperfection the originator of our discontent, instability, imbalance and unrest? Perfection comes only through knowledge.
I have never known, that within me only healthy, sweet, and gentle, ideas hummed a tune; still my beauty, my enthusiasm, my efforts and my individuality, gets annihilated. Why did the plane of my mind always gyrate over these sensibilities? Why did it fail? My existence, was not confined within the bounds of “I and mine”, but remained free even in this age of Materialism; even remained free in the domain of passions. Then who’s slavery did I undergo? Why did my life roll on the rail of tension and unrest?
Why? Why?
Today I see
That in the duration of moments gone by, I always misunderstood myself. I did not understand its secret, for I could not make it out; for whenever I saw the land of my longing desires, there was no callousness of selfishness. Then why was I always in the state of mental imbalance?
The present moments say that, strength permeating, passing through the breaths was the firmness of that aspiration that took me out of grip of contradictory feelings and emotions. Aspiration to become perfect and to secure my freedom, all these painful, misgivings, sobbing comforts, peeling laughter, all were the sonatas to pacify the distress. The dreadful situations that lay soaked in the enthusiasm of that firmness gave birth to a new life. The first step of this new life fell into the world of thought and reflection. My emotional world stood apart and my sweet entry took place in a thought-provoking world. On coming out of the grotto of emotions and passions, I found this thought-provoking world beautiful. I remember when intellect opened its door; I at once raised and shut the door. For my understanding was impeded by feelings and emotions.
Nevertheless, today I learn that life is very profound and its other end is unknown; life’s field of experience is very vast. With this awareness, still more energy, infinite courage and deep enthusiasm, stepped in. A firm resolve began to visit wisdom and good sense.

Lame excuses, shallow schemes, irrelevant beliefs, and false promises, give comfort to my distress- all began to vanish. Frightened despairs, turned their back and left. Deep problems began to be resolve as well as entangle; the dreadful state of helplessness and suffocating situation, took its stand in the queue of time to bid farewell. The freshness of feelings and emotions, the beauty of life and the capacity for dedication, all joined in a chorus. The fatigue of my life and the unrest-ness of feelings went into a deep sleep, in the lap of peace. Now started the philanthropic flow of the art of living.

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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