Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path


The total presence is the end of a journey, 
the end of a quest because the searcher 
no longer exists.
My first impression is to have completely disappeared
from the world.

Cause & Effect (The law)

Our universe is like a thought wave - invisible state or quantum wave function spread over space and time. "Not a wave of matter" - but wave in what? In a universal ocean - an ocean of pure potentiality - a unified field - superstring field that of which we are all made of.

In this ocean our thoughts travel, each thought make a ripple and a difference.
Everyday when we are thinking we make a ripple in this sea of energy we call the universe.

This free life-changing Information has been made with the universal laws in mind - laws like 'The law of cause and effect' - which states that you reap what you sow.

The principle of cause and effect explains that there is a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause.

You get back what you put out. When you put a negative out, you will get one back. Also, when you put a positive out you will get a positive back.

Empty absence

 I now experience my identity,
 which is the nature of everything,
 as a clear light like water,
 like rainbow,
 like reflection 
but absence.
 I feel myself, my existence, as the immensity of presence, 
absolutely emptiness 
and infinitely deep.
 Yet this immensity and density feels totally light and weightless, 
completely devoid of any sensation.
 It is so empty it is total absence. 
It is nothing, but at the same time it is dense presence. 
I see everything but nothing- amazing- unique realization
How can absence,
 which is not existence, 
have qualities like radiance and density? 
This is absolutely paradoxical, 
but this is my experience.

Impression. (Nature is silence)

Because I love me, I think I am right about most everything. When someone tells me I'm wrong, I take a look at myself. "Myself," I say, "are you or are you not right?" If I've been wrong, I admit it to myself (and to others). Then I try to be right again by changing my ways. When I am convinced that I am not wrong, I stick up for me.
Every moment, my life says,

'' Ae kamli Shaheer,, Wake up! We are guests in the world.'' My life glows with smiles, Life's nature is silence but filled with experiences while she wakes me and gives happiness. It is life who gave me the path of love and smile, who liberated me from slavery to the pains and the conditions of this world.


Ten Years Ago:

At dusk I walked and saw beautiful sky 
became very relaxed and quiet. 
Suddenly, I noticed that 
my body disappeared into the space 
of my own nothingness. 
Then I want found my Face- face 
was not there, 
but I am. 
My life, 
from that moment, 
was indeed utterly changed.

Now Most of time, 
I feel 
I am without body

Shyness life

 I lost my mind and heart, 
I could not figure out Where the world of beauty
 and love begins and where it ends. 
But, Ae my shyness Life, 
I always Love you!

 One day:
 in the early morning I walked to the track 
as the sun infused with the horizon with pinks and reds.
 In that beauty my being stood like a statue 
and my heart spoke, 'wow'.
 I felt a stillness- ' silence', 
Deep peaceful atmosphere around me.
 But I did not know who I became. 
I just felt deep love my in being.
Then I allowed myself to be lost in creation's love, 
 I wondered at the very life's mystery. 
I gave myself to love itself. 
I walked the brave fully painful path of creation's love 
with ecstasy and Moist being.
Then I realized that God comes to us through mystery.
 To each of us God comes in our own way, 
according to our nature and habits. 
Again I realized the nature is my path 
and the very nature 'creation' is my Guru,
 because- for me, 
God is visible in nature.

Worst time

Things are not working out as we had planned. Of course,
 it is the worst time in our worldly life; 
but it is a wonderful time for our practice- 
our silence and our aware-condition,
 because there is nothing to lose.
Then; We will be able to look at it and say, 
“This is like a dream, like an illusion.”
* Have a beautiful sun-shine you all

pds sanctuary valentine's day part II

Death & Birth

When we say “from birth until death,” for example, 
we are talking about a long chain of moments 
that are connected by conceptual mind and 
then viewed as a whole.

We must actually see and feel that state nakedly. The way to meet death fully is to die every day, to every moment, to everything; to our thoughts, to our agony, to our emotions, to our loving relationships— even to our joy. We cannot meet death if we don’t die every day!


Relationships should make us feel wanted,
 loved, cherished, cared for. 
Every relationship has it's ups and downs... 
And every relationship demands sacrifice...

But, relationships are not all about taking,
they are about giving too...
Be with the person who brings about the best in you,
then only is it worth being in it...
to bring you happiness.
Whereas any relationship that brings you pain
and makes you question
it's existence isn't worth anything
in this world.


We are the Great Space ( Nothingness )

We lose touch with our Source 
we lose the meaning of our life 
we are in deep trouble when social conditioning
 leads us to believe 
we are what we look like.
 "We are the opposite of what we look like."

What I can describe about 
what is being experienced currently,
 is residing in the Infinite within which the Infinite resides. 
There is no end point in all this. 
We are talking about the Vastness.
 It is very large.
 It continues to show Itself 
show Itself.


I find that silence lives in my heart 
in the silence of my core.
 It is a rare privilege to have known such a beauty.
 Now it is a great joy to commend 
this beauty of silence to you 
in the nature

When I was 37 I saw a nature 
whose silence of beauty rang a bell inside me.
This beauty is telling the truth, 
which I've never heard before 
or saw before,
and she gave me silence 
with deep smile 
which produced a state of ecstasy

Self-aware (I Am)

 I AM;
1---Awareness doesn't remove the personal sense, 
the feeling of existing, 
but this feeling of being, this 'I AM' is pure.

I AM :
2--- it is no longer identified with an individual
 who is confronting other individuals.

3--- The 'I AM' is not relative, 
it is absolute

4--- It is an unlimited presence 
conscious of itself.

5--- This feeling of being alive becomes even more intense.
 When awakening happened,
 it was as if I had just been born into the world
 for the first time.

I AM :
6--- Life before awakening is a dream, 
a deep coma, 
a death.

I AM :
7--- The newly discovered 'I AM' 
has divine attributes.

I AM :
8--- This 'I AM' is beyond time, 
beyond space, 
without limits, without size, conscious,
 empty, full, silent, still and bliss.
 God the most high is within me 
I am in IT.

9--- Shaheer Sehyogi finally herself 
this 'me' is nobody!

10--- Free from Herself, WOW!

11--- So with AWARENESS, life does not stop.
 My true nature (what I am) is the total opposite
 of what I appear to be. 
In this Emptiness, thoughts and desires 
do not cease to be. 
My mind continues to function 
and life goes on.

12--- NOW: 
Thoughts are arising from the empty space.

I AM :
13--- The wonderful sense of freedom 
as a result of Awareness comes from the free Presence 
that appeared 
which makes independent from thoughts.

14--- Now, the thoughts arrive from the Void. 
No longer identify with them, 
I have the possibility of being behind them. 
They no longer define me.

15--- If it happens that I identify with thoughts 
and consequently suffer,
 I now know how to extricate myself 
from them to find again the place of freedom 
which is without thoughts 
and silent

16--- In the deepest centre of the 'us', 
there is complete and total silence.
 Of this silence, 
one can say nothing 
because it is not an experience; 
it is non-duality.

17--- When thoughts are completely absent,
 silence reigns.

* zen


 I love to get up in the early morning when everything is quiet and calm around me! At this time everything I do is easier, arrives with no thought and I am able to be who I truly am within my own vibration and creation!!!

I was walking, but I wasn't walking, as if someone walking for my body and I'm another person. When I came out of this state, I realized I was totally alone. Other walkers melted within me. They were not they- they were Me, Just Me. Totally Solitary

I am deeply involved, engaged and have love affairs with nature, with everything. I know that I have a unconditionally love affair with just about everybody and everything that I see and I feel, because for me love is not about anybody; love is about how I am within myself...
* Blessings & Love!

I felt a thrill of delight

We are the Great Space

We never learn the Truth 
– We become it.

The view of the Vastness,
 the eyes of the Vastness, 
exist within the 
Vastness Itself.

There is a third way of knowing:
 knowledge through identity.

We are the Space in which everything happens 
– Capacity for things
 – the Space in which each of them
 is allowed to arrive at its particular 
kind of perfection.

We lose touch with our Source 
we lose the meaning of our life 
we are in deep trouble 
when social conditioning leads us 
to believe we are what we look like.
 "We are the opposite of what we look like."


Without the experience we will never get the meaning

Mystical is pure phenomenology 
and has to be experienced. 
It’s easier done than said!
 Language will not take us there. 
Insight must come before the word if the word, 
so to say, 
shall become “flesh” 
filled with meaning

What is Yoga!


*Being in total Harmony with Human Nature, 
with the eternal LAWS that Govern the COSMOS,


Anything beyond this moment 
we can’t be conscious of. 
We never know when our gifts of moments 
will be no longer in this reality. 
we’ll always be consciously unconscious. 
And it’s a beautiful mystery
 that is revealed to us 
each moment.

We can not always get the perfect moment, 
sometimes we just have to do the best 
we can under the 

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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