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The beauty of life is very tasty - Question 3

Today we will talk about our third question. Question is: If you get a chance to fulfill your dream, do you have all those qualities that are needed to succeed? Whatever we want or dream we have, it is in our existence, it is very good proof that we can fulfill our dream. Now I talk, I want to I have always wanted to take the world into a hug, to love, I only have a relationship with everyone that I love everyone. Now I have to think that how much I am conscious of my wish, how much I am ascendant, what is the way of fulfilling this wish in me, what is the way? I will not talk about quality here, I have given the answer to that. A person is as one wishes. We have always heard that  'Fruit like the seed' Condition and situation always present each other. Exactly this wish, Aim or Goal presents the person. Whether you wish or purpose: a person gets a lot of recognition from this. I have wanted this since childhood. The path is long, because the wish is too big

Are we aware of our best understanding? Question 2

Now my second question was, how concerned are we all about our own good sense? There is no talk of good nature nor good qualities here. We have to talk now that we understand that which we know ourselves very well. Till today, there should be some of us who have never seen this understanding carefully till today. I will give you some hints here, if no one has ever thought that - one will think and by realizing his/her real wisdom, will salute his own wisdom today.  My question is, 'Are you aware of your best understanding? That understanding never caught your attention. But you have never been separated from that understanding. You never even told anyone. Must be shy to tell the reason for social hesitation. Now let me introduce you to one such delicate understanding of mine. From childhood to the age of 38, I always had a description of 'how did this happen', 'Oh I didn't do it', 'God does everything for me'. Nobody ever understood me. I

Do we all know why we did not succeed? Question 1

I gave 20 questions to all of you as well as myself.  Today I am sharing the answer to the first question with you all. 1 - Do we all know why we did not succeed? The answer to this question is mine. I am looking deeply into myself where I have failed and in which field I wanted to be successful. When I see the depth of life as well as the depth of existence, I again ask myself the question, 'Jinder, are you really unsuccessful and do you think that there is 100% failure in life? As long as there is a question before the question, the journey of the question is not complete. If the journey of question is complete then we will get our answer 100% correct. My question has now given me the question that see yourself and life. No one is a complete failure in life. If I say that those who commit suicide, they are unsuccessful, not even that, because they had the way to go out of their environment today. How it turned out is not important - it turns out it is imp

Our spirit

Our Spirit  It’s in our spirit that we have meaning and purpose in life. At the deepest level our spirit gives us meaning and purpose and our spirit enables us to love one another, our self and God. It’s through our spirit that we have communion and fellowship with God.  Our spirit gives us intuition between right and wrong. Our spiritual health will have a significant impact on our emotional health which will have a major influence on our physical health.  The inter-connection between the spirit, the soul and the body is certainly a complex connection, nevertheless, the connection is very real.

Who I truly am is a being of light

We can recognize,  “ Who I truly am is a being of ligh t .”  When we know this,  we don’t get caught up in all the obstacles we encounter.  Not because we are avoid ing them  or denying them or pushing them away,  but because those obstacles actually Who I truly am is a being of light  don’t exist for beings of light.  For a being of light,  what you are right this very moment is all you have.  It is in the presence of this moment,  and only in the presence of this moment,  that we can be where we are,  that we can be ourselves,  that we can be real. I t is as simple as that.


Because every goodness made me conscious of my vice  and every vice directed me towards goodness.  Every part of the universe is lent a special zest by human’s own reflectiveness  and life is rendered beautiful by human’s thoughtlessness.  Gaze up and see the wonder and glory of the NATURE Because the thoughtlessness is a beautiful stage of emptiness,  which is infinite life space and endless like time.  Then whatever be the secret of life as a whole,  that experience makes the individual complete,  perfect, and liberated.  It s special taste enables us to cross the bounds of  Time and Space.

A deep cave of emptiness: death & Life

Planting conscious thorns and planting flowers in unconsciousness:  no difference between the two Even the absence of silence in the ears was such that the whole universe went into the muted system. Like the heartbeat ceased to be cast. Just like today silence revolted with silence Only anonymity was a question in my eyes.  The silence of the trees was deeper than my silence. A strange sight coming from far away from the sky, which peeks at me from the middle of the trees, another eye looking at me from the right side, in which there is a very deep sense of life, the amazing beauty in which death and life The realization of the question was sending a wave of its own to me. Such a wonderful and such a matchless environment, in which there was nothing else without the realization of God. On the one hand, I speak my tongue and on the one hand my existence is giving only a testimony in the deep sense of silence. A deeply impatient gaze coming from the trees makes me stan