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What is Self Realization?

  What is silent - and what does this have to do with us? Silent is just space. Or say that space itself is silent. When a person reaches his personal space, one experiences the space as silent. Today my life is passing through this dimension, in which only the stream of knowledge flows. This flow has come from listening to the pulse of all life in me walking on this earth, in the calm and deep silence of the stones, trees, space, river, flowers, wild animals, birds. This quiet silence is the real dimension of life, which creates the universe. What is meditation, and is it necessary for all? Meditation is an act of silence. When we speak, we separate from silence, then our attention turns towards speaking. We got attached to another function and got away from our roots. We are all natural creatures. So the nature of nature is present in all of us. Meditation is our nature, we are not only aware of this meditation of ours. When we wake up to meditation we become meditators and our life