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I would remain lost in great amazement whenever I carefully peered at any part of the world. Besieged with this sense of nothingness, I apprehended neither myself nor this vast expansion. Lost in unawareness and burning suffocation, I turned into a sacrifice in the grip of helplessness, despair, and tormenting hopelessness.  Why?  The taper of cognition had not yet become amenable to illumination owing to the absence of the deep feelings of the state of pain which would arrest my breaths and impair my existence. The caravans of recollections grew eager to hear their own footfalls, as well as the footfalls of this existence which are passing through the moments of today. For in the track of its every path there zooms the journey from the root to the consciousness; in its every breath sways the intoxication from matter to the consciousness divine. In its life breaths flow—the juice of words as well as of the peace of silence.  In the vast expansion o


Lo! The leaves falling from the trees are repeating my life.  It seems to me that they,  also,  deliverance from their life’s desire to enjoy the zest of infinity  in the open sky.  As the leaves are frisking about on the roadside,  they seem to be symbolizing my own freedom.  I feel the leaves boredom by the happiness  and  protection retained from the tre es which constitute their world,  and  by taking the yoke of servitude off their necks have chosen  the path of struggle for a free life. Today the leaves also have realized  that compared to the facilities provided by life of servitude,  the lack of protection in a free,  independent life is far better.   Today the leaves also bedecking themselves like me  in grey-garments are enjoying the zest of life.  The life of the leaves and my life are waving together  in a beautiful companionship.  Then the freedom of the leaves  and  my freedom combined together,  flying in the luxury Sky

Your One Minute

Beauty of Life

Melt myself down in Silence's search,  then I Know that My Life is my master  because  the Nothingness is find me  and  'I' become everything Wow! Today love said; ''If you can 'Shaheer' take some of my Habit  and  some of my Nature  and  some of my Feeling with you wherever you go,  you will be taking the fragrance of the beauty there,  then you Feel purity of Life'' So, Happy Journey Shaheer! Today Life said: “Be in the world but don't be of it.  Live in the world,  but don't allow the world to live in you.  That's my message.” Waah!  What a Life! Be natural, Be simple, Be ordinary


 I choose my own course  through the Nature.  Silence is my best subject.  Today, I am Love With All Creation,  I give thanks to the Creation has brought me  to this very Moment When I Love myself, I am nice with myself.          Then I know that Change what I see,                   by changing how I see.           Today is my day to laugh at Death. Feel it now, this very Moment.  The presence is here, as it is everywhere else.  All that is needed is OUR falling into a kind of attainment,  OUR falling inwards into a kind of at-one-ment.  Then the cawing of the crows and the cuckoo calling from far away…  and all is SILENT.  In that Silence  WE start becoming Aware of the impersonal presence  that surrounds US… The moments  that  I was looking for 7 years prior came  and disbursed in the present moment.  When I was looking for them in the experience of death.  To know that death,  experience death was the main goal of l