Have to walk like a Sanyaasi - No Matter what the Path

The best sanctuary

My Body is My Being's Sanctuary

As of 2:30am this morning, I realized why my being rejected Darshi (husband) My being was aware that it does not need to adorn itself with jewels and artificial ornaments. My stubbornness always overwhelmed my being. my stubbornness also protected my being from artificial imitated rules.I was aware that my being is totally loved by myself, any physical ailments could not be tolerated by Shaheer. I always prayed to my body for my physical wellness to my being;''Oh My Beautiful Body, I am not aware what I should do for you, because I am unknown and unaware of this entity. Just forgive my wrong doings. Just keep well and take care of it, because Shaheer is stupid or careless person, she does not know anything, please forgive my mistakes; because my desire and my wish is that you stay healthy and well all the time."
Although I live with Darshi at this moment, but we were separated at one point in time, we are best buddies and never quarrel. but the separation still took place, why..?There are many reasons behind it and one of them was I could not tolerate human being who does not appreciate the world as one family that comes from one source, and does not realized the higher being or prayer to the higher being. Although He is well liked and appreciated every relative and friend.But my being did not accept such a male who did not fragrance Love for God. Shaheer who worshipped the body as sanctuary began to guard the physical being with relations. Shaheer made a decision and took steps towards getting Darshi's marriage, which was 17 years ago.This physical being of mine is lit like a Christmas tree at this moment, which gives me great pleasure as it is totally well and healthy

Unique stillness

Unique Stillness

This morning the touch of the cool breeze, by giving the countenance wetness, was bestowing upon it newness along with freshness. The magic of this tender touch was actively engaged in eliciting a unique tune from a profound depth.
The sound of my moving step combined with this tune raised a rhythmic symphony.
I felt as though every drop of water in my body had come up and settled in the corner of my eyes. The stir on my lips, the contraction of my eyes, the gentle tossing of my head—all began in a most graceful manner.
This intoxicating moment raised my eyelid and the nature of my breaths changed.When the moments paused, my being too subsided and my existence was swept away by a new stream and the motion of my every breath called,
“Oh! Wonderful!
Wow! What is going on?
Wow! Wow!” And with a deep breath—“Aha!”
For the ray of the rising sun had tinged the dark black clouds in a deep orange hue, and the redness of this hue was presenting every article in a unique color. The world, the consciousness of whose beauty had produced an ecstatic delight in my being fifteen minutes back, paused in a revealed state and placed me in the lap of halted moments. I remained in this state for nearly five minutes and exclaimed, “Wow!” The echo of which took me into its tune.

The sunray was bathing the whole world in a red hue. The manifestation of a tree in the fold of this redness which, during the autumnal season bids farewell to its leaves, made its appearances. The face of this farewell gave me the feeling of death.
I remembered Death in this beautiful situation. Wow! Wow!

Death which makes its presence felt by giving us death, death that wipes out life when it makes its appearance, death whose appearance makes the atmosphere sombre, death whom no one likes, the same death gives some strange message in this unique pause.
O Death! You stand unparalleled! What should I say at your appearance? You have come to show your appearance by adorning a beautiful environment.
Today this weather overturned the leaves of the past moments.

The same moments in which I had cherished the desire for death.

The same moments in which I accepted death,

The moments in which I saw death,

And I had many moments when I longed for death.

I know that I mostly remained remembering death. I had never longed for life so deeply as I had longed for death.
My breaths proceeded in the consciousness of death. My thoughts remained lost in understanding the phenomenon of death.


Was I not understanding life?


Was life not fulfilling my wishes?

The answer to both these questions is in the affirmative.

What was my life?

It could be realised only if I thought in this connection.

My life was visited not in thought, but in feelings.

I remember—
During my youth, when at one noon I lay in the shade of mulberry tree, a crow came flying and perched on a branch. My stare was lost in that crow. I came to know of it when the crow took to flying. Then automatically an entreaty came and said,
“Oh! That I could fly like you!”
The gait of my life ever proceeded in the state of depression and in my tender age only Death seemed to be the object that could carry it on a high flight.
My painful convulsion longed to break all restraints. The stream of my love remained thirsty as usual. I had no desire to keep alive; for I wished—
All should be my own.
Every face became my weakness, what could I do?
I was helpless before my own feelings and emotions.
I was helpless before my own longings.
I was anguished by my own passions.

These scorching cinders made my feelings reduced to ashes. Then how could I wish for life? Today when I survey the whole situation, I feel—
My journey of life, from which I gathered through reflection that I had ever longed for euthanasia, remained very deep and comprehensive. It proved entirely wrong, for I had many such moments which were highly ecstatic. I looked for such moments and that ecstasy came to be replenished with love.

The halted moments, the unanswerable moments, the twittering moments—ever remained the objects of my search, for these moments were free from I’ness.

Once I was ill. I grew infatuated with the medicine the doctor had administered. When the medicine was finished, I requested the doctor give me the same medicine. The doctor told my mother to give me a bottle of wine, for that medicine contained ten percent alcohol.

Next, I liked the hospital. I even desired to become a nurse. The atmosphere of the hospital, perfect cleanliness, sweet words of the nurses, charm visible on the faces of the doctors, patients far away from the rough and tumble of life—all looked very amiable. The silence of the place snatched my ‘self’ from me. So the hospital was my favourite place.

Next, I liked the environment of death.

Present in that environment, I collected all people together and imagined their beings together in a still position. The calm on their faces highly appealed to me. They looked out of the hustle and bustle of thought and reflection; they were only besieged with the idea of death. Their solidity looked lost in the world. At that time, they were in that state where they had the beauty of an individual which they had lost sight of in the state of a struggle.

In my youthful age, I had offered a prayer in some such a moment. “O God, if you really exist, station me once between life and death. I shall then see what life is and what death is. And then I’ll see whether to proceed towards death or towards life.”
After nearly twenty-six years, I obtained those moments. I took sleeping pills; I had the realization of both life and death. It was a most beautiful experience.

I looked towards death and uttered, “Wow!”

I looked at life and said, “Wow!”

As my body was sleeping, I was waking. At that time I remembered the longing I had cherished twenty-six years before. I felt grateful to God. I was not at all regretful, for my interior had realized that God had made me do all things to show me these moments. The external environment, whatever it was, was bad, but my inner experience of death transformed all this.

Today these moments have besieged life and rendered it beautiful. Today I am not in search of such moments; rather today, moments are in search of me so that in this unique journey they should cooperate with me and accompany me on my unique journey and there by make me conscious of their existence.

Flowers always blossom in the spring season. The flowers of our understanding, too, bloom in a calm and pleasant season; for to understand this, it is necessary to be in one’s senses.
It is necessary for every movement of life to be in a special state. The internal and external environment should be congenial, so that it might obliterate numerous feelings and emotions, enable the sight of the true essence more conspicuous and concrete, and enter our experience.
In such moments, my energy mingles with consciousness and settles down in the midst of my eyes. The expansion of the five elements disappears and then re-appears in the shape of an experience where a delicious touch and a melodious current waft us into some rare encampment of life.

Today, in this rare encampment, the cloudlet of death is raining on these moments; death which is an integral part of life and without which the knowledge of the world will be incomplete.
Death ever comes to negativity, because positivity is life. Whatever is negative brings into relief all that is positive.

Then what does it want death to confess?


Death that does not love anyone, no one likes to die. Still all die, no one survives death. Then why?

Why are we leading our life so carelessly?

Why? Why? Why?

Why did it go away leaving its footfall behind?

I became busy in my daily chores.

Second Morning:-

As I opened the fridge to pour some milk into coffee the moments suddenly paused and life started at its usual pace.
the jug of milk in my hand,
the second hand on the door of the fridge.
When I came out of my halted state I exclaimed, “Wow!”

After birth, lost in the experience of death, the sense of our existence knows that ‘It’ is never to die. Our consciousness of our original shape original shape makes the individual carefree and worry-less. Nevertheless, the latter remains unaware of it—that’s why it doesn’t wish to die though it sees the dying people. In this labyrinth of ignorance, it remains deprived of true experience. While, in fact, the light of the immortal character of its being makes it free from worries.
Then I remembered Lord Krishna when he told Arjuna, “The soul can’t be cut in twain by a weapon, nor burnt in fire, air can’t dry it up, water can’t dissolve it.”
Then I remembered Gurbani, “Who can kill and who can be killed who takes birth and meets its end Who will live O Nanak, and who will meet its death.”

Please wait, don’t go!

Spirit & Soul

What is the difference between soul and spirit?

- Soul is what we are


- Spirit is soul in motion

We have three main windows




Open windows within life Discover, Our Own Soul

What is Devotion. (Prayer)

Prayer is devotion. 
Prayer is the language of the heart. 
Only the dove of love will fly straight back to the source. 
The heart is the direct channel to cosmic consciousness. 
Only through the Heart can we follow the ray of light 
all the way back to the sun.

Self- respect

This is a popular word on the lips of cultured people and very specially used.
I spent my life in this word, but I never used it. If someone rejected or spurned me, I never visited them a second time. If life rejected or affronted these people, I sided with them. How a statement was made was more important for me then why it was made. Why it was made had no effect on me. People around me would say, “She is mad. She follows blindly those who insult her. She has no self-respect.”
Their words of insult and humiliation would direct me towards them. How could I pay any heed to this word? This word that sits couched in a sweet garb was in no capacity to stem the flow of my feelings.

What am I and what is my self-respect?

Others' indifference towards us awakens our sense of self-respect. If we show indifference to our personal life, why will this sense not wake up? My feelings do not stand in need of any word, nor is my life in need of any rebuke or censure. How can a life that is under the confinement of words, honor and praise anybody? These words determine the limits of life. How can we feel proud of this line of demarcation?

My 'self' is mine and it safeguards my feelings and emotions. Credit goes to it because it realizes the twinges of others; even though, the other fellows are the same to who insulted them. For what it was then in no longer now, and what I am now, I was not then. This is my self-respect, which is quite valuable for my 'self'

A detached person. ( Detachment )

A ‘detached’ person feels like an orphan, helpless and shelterless. That is why a detached person cannot accept anybody in the shape of religion, country or family then how will one compare and contrast the feeling of mine with the feeling of his or thine? 
how will one distinguish between a friend and a stranger?

How will be say that s/he is an Indian or an American? 

And how will one be in the position to say that one is a Hindu, a Sikh a Muslim or a Christian?

How will one accept and adopt any boundary line or tradition?

No, one will be able to do nothing. Even though one be in the living world, his feet are conducting her/him to the place where truth resides, where goodness emits fragrance, where is found the quintessence of life. 

The stage towards which his steps are directed is the true destination of life. The detached person is a failure in the worldly sense, that is why one feels him/herself worthless. One feels that one has been able to do nothing, because one could not do anything.

In fact,

One was incapable of anything; could not even have an empty smile; one could not shed crocodile tears; the confinement to restraints suffocated her/him; one could not be selfish. 

Then what should one do?

One lives in the world but remains out of it; Remains in relationships, but keeps aloof from them; One is in the crowd, but feels like lost; One heaves her/his breaths, but is not alive.

Then who is powerful and strong ?

Today, this caravan of reflections wants to express its gratitude to those parts of this being which cross the curved and tortuous paths and elicit this symphony.
The first part:
The moment, at the age of eight or nine, when this physique had found itself weaker than the frame of a bird.
The second part:
The moment when ‘the mind’ turned so weak at the sight of unhappy moments of every other person that it fell into a deep abyss. That fall was in fact an invitation in the present direction.
The third part:
The moment when my intellect burnt with indignation, but never allowed me to take a wrong step.
The fourth part:
Those moments that made me gifts of shameless, nasty, and obscene allegations, but my ‘heart’ desisted from any reaction.
The fifth part:
The moment when my ‘mind’ took a step towards suicide.
The sixth part:
The moment when my ego got a slight touch of a ‘new’ Life and I pampered myself with the thought that I had become ‘blessed’.
At every moment, I had found every part of this ‘being’ only weak and feeble. Then out of the caravan of the present day reflections, a thought emerges and inquires:
Then who is powerful and strong?

Whatever be the depth of these thoughts and reflections, I am now in a position to assert 

The right relationship

Relationship is our practice

I realized 10 years ago that the life was a great teacher, only because it is different from me. I could sense what Its sensed, feel what its felt, and take direction from her 'life' because her real-ness, clarity and compassion were not clouded with my Innocent and naive thoughts. Always: Life is Genuine, Unique and Wonderful!

Life is a class and we are student; Nature is a School, love is syllabus, relationship is practice.....Trust is Master and patience is examiner and happiness is a award, So try to get 1st position...

Ae Life! You are so amazing...give yourself a great big hug. I just love you. Forever and always without conditions O my Beautiful Life!!!

Let's have a great day today!

When we “wake up” in the dream state and recognize the nature of the dream appearances to be appearance-emptiness, 'like a rainbow'' that dream is no longer deluded.When they are not recognized, they are simply confusion on top of confusion. The same goes for confusion in general. If we recognize our confusion, then it is an antidote. Confusion is dispelled and wisdom is accumulated.
* Let's have a great day today!

All of creation

The wakefulness

Relatively speaking, we are not free, so long as we do not recognize the true nature of our mind. That nature is empty, luminous wisdom; it is primordially pure awareness; it is the state of wakefulness that transcends duality.

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर

रेतली राह का मुसाफ़िर
माननीय प्यार , आज मैं खुद को आप के आगे सन्मानित करना चाहती हूँ कि मैं आप की रचना हूँ ; और खुदा के आगे मैं खुद को धन्यवाद का उपहार देना चाहती हूँ कि 'धन्यवाद शहीर ' कि आप ने खुदा से प्यार किया। हर किर्या के लिए धन्यवाद
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