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The best sanctuary

My Body is My Being's Sanctuary As of 2:30am this morning, I realized why my being rejected Darshi (husband)  My being was aware that it does not need to adorn itself with jewels and artificial ornaments. My stubbornness always overwhelmed my being. my stubbornness also protected my being from artificial imitated rules. I was aware that my being is totally loved by myself, any physical ailments could not be tolerated by Shaheer. I always prayed to my body for my physical  wellness to my being; ''Oh My Beautiful Body, I am not aware what I should do for you, because I am unknown and unaware of this entity. Just forgive my wrong doings. Just keep well and take care of it, because Shaheer is stupid or careless person, she does not know anything, please forgive my mistakes; because my desire and my wish is that you stay healthy and well all the time." Although I live with Darshi at this moment, but we were separated at one point in time, we are best buddies and neve

Unique stillness

Unique Stillness This morning the touch of the cool breeze, by giving the countenance wetness, was bestowing upon it newness along with freshness. The magic of this tender touch was actively engaged in eliciting a unique tune from a profound depth. The sound of my moving step combined with this tune raised a rhythmic symphony. I felt as though every drop of water in my body had come up and settled in the corner of my eyes. The stir on my lips, the contraction of my eyes, the gentle tossing of my head—all began in a most graceful manner. This intoxicating moment raised my eyelid and the nature of my breaths changed. When the moments paused, my being too subsided and my existence was swept away by a new stream and the motion of my every breath called, “Oh! Wonderful! Wow! What is going on? Wow! Wow!” And with a deep breath—“Aha!” For the ray of the rising sun had tinged the dark black clouds in a deep orange hue, and the redness of this hue was presenti

Spirit & Soul

What is the difference between soul and spirit? *** - Soul is what we are *** - Spirit is soul in motion *** We have three main windows Beauty Purity Truth Open windows within life Discover, Our Own Soul

What is Devotion. (Prayer)

Prayer is devotion.  Prayer is the language of the heart.  Only the dove of love will fly straight back to the source.  The heart is the direct channel to cosmic consciousness.  Only through the Heart can we follow the ray of light  all the way back to the sun.

Self- respect

This is a popular word on the lips of cultured people and very specially used. I spent my life in this word, but I never used it. If someone rejected or spurned me, I never visited them a second time. If life rejected or affronted these people, I sided with them. How a statement was made was more important for me then why it was made. Why it was made had no effect on me. People around me would say, “She is mad. She follows blindly those who insult her. She has no self-respect.” Their words of insult and humiliation would direct me towards them. How could I pay any heed to this word? This word that sits couched in a sweet garb was in no capacity to stem the flow of my feelings. What am I and what is my self-respect? Others' indifference towards us awakens our sense of self-respect. If we show indifference to our personal life, why will this sense not wake up? My feelings do not stand in need of any word, nor is my life in need of any rebuke or censure. How can a

A detached person. ( Detachment )

A ‘detached’ person feels like an orphan, helpless and shelterless. That is why a detached person cannot accept anybody in the shape of religion, country or family then how will one compare and contrast the feeling of mine with the feeling of his or thine?  how will one distinguish between a friend and a stranger? How will be say that s/he is an Indian or an American?  And how will one be in the position to say that one is a Hindu, a Sikh a Muslim or a Christian? How will one accept and adopt any boundary line or tradition? No, one will be able to do nothing. Even though one be in the living world, his feet are conducting her/him to the place where truth resides, where goodness emits fragrance, where is found the quintessence of life.  The stage towards which his steps are directed is the true destination of life. The detached person is a failure in the worldly sense, that is why one feels him/herself worthless. One feels that one has been able to do n

Then who is powerful and strong ?

Today, this caravan of reflections wants to express its gratitude to those parts of this being which cross the curved and tortuous paths and elicit this symphony. The first part: The moment, at the age of eight or nine, when this physique had found itself weaker than the frame of a bird. The second part: The moment when ‘the mind’ turned so weak at the sight of unhappy moments of every other person that it fell into a deep abyss. That fall was in fact an invitation in the present direction. The third part: The moment when my intellect burnt with indignation, but never allowed me to take a wrong step. The fourth part: Those moments that made me gifts of shameless, nasty, and obscene allegations, but my ‘heart’ desisted from any reaction. The fifth part: The moment when my ‘mind’ took a step towards suicide. The sixth part: The moment when my ego got a slight touch of a ‘new’ Life and I pampered myself with the thought that I had become ‘blessed’. At e

The right relationship

Relationship is our practice

I realized 10 years ago that the life was a great teacher, only because it is different from me. I could sense what Its sensed, feel what its felt, and take direction from her 'life' because her real-ness, clarity and compassion were not clouded with my Innocent and naive thoughts. Always: Life is Genuine, Unique and Wonderful! Life is a class and we are student; Nature is a School, love is s yllabus , relationship is practice.....Trust is Master and patience is examiner and happiness is a award, So try to get 1st position... Ae Life! You are so amazing...give yourself a great big hug. I just love you. Forever and always without conditions O my Beautiful Life!!!